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Thom' Luka

The one and only me..

17 September
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When they were giving out mean streaks, I was too shy to go forward and getting my share...

Beyond the truth, the lies and general modifications, this journal is all about me, and all possible similarities with reality is totally intentional...

I've got a cat called Edward (Scissorpaws)

I like movies, music and art in general..

and I'm for life.. the most beautiful thing there is..

If you think I'm great, and wants more..

I've also got my film review journal: luka91_reviews

And manage some communities:
flowerworld, krumelurpiller, writing_chain, bare_facts and, most importantly:

There you're able to see some of my photos, as well as photos by others, totally great people..

But I also have a photo-journal, where I try to post regularly, as well as write about photography:

Then I, of course, have my site, where I've got some of my older favorites..

And.. yes.. I'm supposedly working on a new site, that's gonna keep things together a touch better.

And.. you can sign my GuestMap if you want to!!

Thank you


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