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F**k InterNet

How come it's so easy to find info you're not really interested in.. as in, that you could live without.. Cams, jokes, filmreviews, wishlists..

Ok.. those are fun stuff.. I love Cams, and some of the people on the cams...

Not to mention, if you want to find a redheaded, freckled Irish beauty with huge dildo up her ass, you've got no problem finding that (if you want).

But, as soon as you're trying info you really need, you go into endless loops on slow loading pages..
How many dollars do I get when I buy for 100 british pounds on Heatrow Airport? No, idea.. that info I couldn't find, despite spending about 30 mins looking for it.. About $140 I think...
How much does Marlboro cost, tax free, on Heatrow? Actually found it, but it was to darn expensive.. Hey.. a pack of 20 cigs Marlboro costs like 3.9 pounds.. That's about $5.30. In Sweden they cost like $3.50. Actually, the Tax Free prices on Heathrow aren't that much cheaper than that.. Like $3.40 only.. Not a major bargain exactly.
As for O'Hare, I could find where the store I buy Tax Free is in the terminal, but no prices.

Another thing. Why, when you want to check prices and rates, in general, with car rental, airtickets or whatever, you have to fill in all the booking info, until you're like only one click away from actually booking it?
Have I said I want to book it? No. All I want is the price range!

Found the cutest of sites today.. Lily293

Can't say the site will win major awards or anything, and it's not exactly informative or anything..
It's one of those simple 1 page sites, with lots of colours (and I mean... LOTS), but somehow, I kinda liked it. Felt right. Cheap and tacky, but beyond it.. Sure made my heart smile..

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