Thom' Luka (luka91) wrote,
Thom' Luka

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Snapping into place

The last couple of months, I've been trying to sort my HD. It's boring, and tedeous work, so It's been a slow process.

I think I started with about 80,000 files (which I've brought down to about 50,000 now).

It's been such boring work, especially since it's been so much, it's hard getting a proper overview of all different kinds of files etc.. Hard making up an order I feel comfortable with. Something that makes sense...

Then, suddenly.. it all kinda snapped in place.. Knowing exactly how it should be, and.. I so love that feeling..

You know.. the same as when you try to make out a Stereogram, and suddenly, you see it. Or.. trying to solve some kind of problem, getting nowhere, until the solution, or the beginning of it, just hits you, and the rest is a piece of cake..

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