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How on earth, does one get certain things on your mind

Yesterday, when changing clothes, I took out the stuff in the pockets.. My box of Marlboro, next to that, I placed my black Filofax, and on top of that, my as it happens, black Bic lighter.

Nothing special. Only that it got me thinking about how we select colours..

As in, ranking them.. I've got a tendency for Black, in the sense that.. it's a pretty common "colour" (actually, it's a lack of colour), and a lot of stuff is avaible in black. There'll always be black shoes, black clothes etc, as an option, which makes it easy to pick. But, instead of buying, say a red lighter if there's no Violet avaible, I buy a black one.

Just a guess, but I do think that a lot of people has a certain option. If their favorite colours isn't avaible, they lean towards a certain pick. An Outsider, colour.

My favorite colour is about



Then I've got a love for the range of colours spanning from about


(Antiquewhite) to



But, then.. I've got a tendency to always turn to Black, instead of, say.. white..

THIS IS", by the way, an excellent page for HTML colours

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