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-She's mad, hanging upside down

One thing I've always wondered..

David Byrne released an album, uh-oh. It's one of my absolute favorite albums.

One interesting thing with that is the song titles, and the order of them..

"Now I'm your mom", "Girls on my mind", "Something ain't right", "She's mad", "Hanging upside down", "A walk in the dark", "Twistin' in the wind", "The cowboy Mambo (Hey lookit me now", "Monkey Man", "A million miles away", "Tiny Town", "Somebody"

I always wondered if it's coincidence, or if it's planned, that you can form sentences out of some of those titles??

- Something ain't right, she's mad hanging upside down. - A walk in the dark, twistin' in the wind: The Cowboy Mambo (Hey lookit me now).

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