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It's really popular suing in USA.. but this has to be some kind of record in stupidity..

October 8, a SAS plane crashed into a Cessna, at lift off, at a Milano Airport. The invstigation isn't finished, but they do think that the Ground Control at the Airport messed things up, with some help from the pilot in the Cessna. The SAS plane was had clearing to start, and did. At the same time, a Cessna should was gonna go from one place to another to start, only that it was heavy fog and he ended up going the wrong way. The pilot got suspicious, and asked the Tower if it was right, and basically "Yeah.. just go on" (that airport also lacks ground radar, so the people in the Tower couldn't see where it was etc). A natural thing, when a question like that comes up, would be to order the plane to stop where they are). Instead, the Cessna drove right out in front of the SAS plane, which, despite trying to avoid collission, hit the Cessna, and then crashed into a hangar. 118 people in all, were killed.. 110, or something, on the SAS plane.

Now they're seeing if they could sue SAS (despite they most likely couldn't do anything to stop the disaster. Nothing more than they did. But, because they were transporting people that died. That seems to be all that counts. One could discuss that. Alright.

But, they're also talking about suing Cessna, because they made the plane that were involved in the accident, if it's proven that the pilot caused the accident. Can be compared with.. if I take a car, drive on the wrong side of a Highway because I'm stupid etc, and crash into someone, the company that made the car I'm driving would have to pay millions to the victims of my stupidity.

And, I'd guess, it's not a single relative to any of the victims "suing", really.. I would think it's lawyers getting to know about the crash, and immediately check out all possible ways to sue, since they'd get a huge amount of money if they're able, then contact the relatives saying it's possible to sue SAS, Cessna, The company that owned the Cessna, The Milano Airport etc etc..

Kinda reminds of a pretty good movie.. "The Sweet Hereafter" (1997) by Atom Egoyan:

"A lawyer (Ian Holm) visits the victims' parents in order to profit from the tragedy by stirring up the their anger and launching a class action suit against anyone they can blame."

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