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Salt Lake 2002

Hmm.. Salt, in Swedish means.. well.. Salt.. Lake in Swedish, tho, means Burbot.. That way.. it's Salt Burbot (or.. Brine) 2002, in Swedish..

Well.. to say that it doesn't goes well for the Swedish... But then... of course.. the Hockey Tournament has only started.. and even if Canada and USA is gonna get Gold and Silver in the Women's Hockey.. Sweden, at least, has a big chance of getting a Bronze, which I guess would be a surprise to about all (in Sweden). Most people in Sweden turns up their noses towards all female Team-sports, for some reason.. Sad... For some reason, because male teams has such history etc, and of course is "better", they complain that it's so bad, with the females.. kinda judging it against the male teams, instead of seeing it as a sport in itself..

Hmm.. it's boring seeing sport... In the breaks, they're always showing the audiences, and the CameraMEN, is always able to find really attractive women in the audience (actually, that's what happened when Pamela Anderson was "discovered", when she still was sweet looking). It's kinda boring.. There you see one of the most beautiful girls you've ever seen.. and.. well.. she's there.. you're at the other side of the earth.. :(

Hmm.. Curling on TV.. I guess Curling doesn't work at all in radio.. when you can't follow the stone as it glides over the ice..

Hmm.. Canada's dresses in Skates looks like an anatomy-lesson.. and.. why do they write Canada with an å.. "Canadå"...

Belmondo still is the most impressive.. :) I like her.. she's my favorite.. has been for the last 10 years or so..

Funniest was the way the Australian won the Shorttrack gold, despite being the worst of the skaters, and helplessly last, when all others fell in the last curve..

All the light from above, that reflects in the ice makes the faces look really weird, in Curling..

The ones I don't envy, is the skaters.. the dresses they were are like 5 numbers too small, and so thin they're basically totally see-through, and be out in a cold ice-hall in those.. *brrrrrr*. Hmm.. and why don't any of them have plain white dresses.. LOL

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