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Gee.. Livejournal

Got involved in commenting posts.. For better or worse..

A really lazy day... it's close to 11 pm, and when I look back to what I've done, I can't think of much..

Actully, cleaned up a little in the kitchen. Getting rid of most of things on the table (which I don't use for anything except throwing things I've got when I come into the apartment) and washing the window. At least half the way of making the kitchen looking like something other than a dump..

Oh.. Looked at "Independence Day". A friend of mine has bought it on DVD, and asked if I might want to buy it. I've already got it on Video, and the DVD doesn't add that much when it comes to extras.. But.. think I'll buy it. Has been thinking about buying it anyway, so I could buy it from him, even if I'm only half interested. At least, the DVD has better sound (5.1 Digital), and clearer image (even if I weren't that impressed with the image as such).
As for the movie.. I've started to like it some more..
When I saw it in the theaters, I really hated it... (except Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum). Was far from impressed. I guess a lot of it having to do with the marketing of those big Summer Movies. When you're finally able to see it, after months of commercials, behind the scene-promos and stuff, you know all about the movie already, and.. that's making it hard for the movie, to say the least. Especially when it comes to "ID4". It starts with something approaching Earth. What can it be??? Since you've seen trailers etc, you know it's alien space-ships.. Kinda hard getting interesting in that when you see the movie then. That's the first 30 mins. The next 30 mins they spend in guessing what the aliens want. Gee.. Having seen them blow the White House to smithereens in the trailer, read intervies etc etc.. not exactly engaging question. That way, when they action starts, at least I was so bored I didn't care what happened.
But, as I said.. I'm starting to like it a touch more.. One reason was because I were gonna check the sound in a scene, were the action gets going with the destruction of the cities, and kinda got stuck. Suddenly, when you weren't bored by the first hour, the action were a lot more fun..

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