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mattt wrote about (UK) Royal Mail, and competition in his journal not long ago..
I replied about how the Swedish Postal Service ("Posten") totally sucks after something similar a couple of years ago, and how it, basically, tries to kill themself as a service company.

The Swedish Postal Service (owned by The Swedish Goverment) started out some 360 years ago, and obviously, their main directive was to deliver mail etc.

Then, I guess, they started some banking services (mainly to deliver money, and the ability to pay bills throug them. We had "Postgiro", which means you send a bill with a specified form which you get home in mail, you take that, goes to the closest Mail office and pays it. It was a nice way of ordering stuff.. you get a package with whatever, and a Postgiro form, went with that to the Mail office and payed it, or you got the goods to the mail office, a note about it was delivered to you in mail, and you had to go get it and pay to get the stuff. Pretty easy, and safe for the company). They also sold some stuff (envelopes, pens etc). But, of course, the main thing was mail delivery. In Sweden we got mail delivered to our door once per day, 6 days/week, until some years ago, when they stopped delivering on Saturdays (unless you paid extra to have it delivered on a Saturday).

Then there were changes.. Competition were allowed, as well as a demand from the Goverment that it should, basically, make a profit.. Of course, there's little money in delivering letters, and have lots of mail offices offering services.. and they started out trying to kill those businesses, and instead trying to venture into other money-based ventures etc, starting Webportals etc....

Suddenly, it became really expensive using them.. It started to get expensive sending mail, and.. lately.. if someone send you money through them, you actually have to pay (about $2) to get that money.. (Which is just nasty, since you can't help that someone sends money to you, and keeps that money until you pay and obviously.. who wouldn't wanna have that money (which is yours to start with)?) Now they're in the process of closing down most Mail Offices, cut down on mail delivery (if you live out in the bush (replacing it with Mailbox "stations" were you can go get your mail.. Think the rule is 5 km (about 3 miles), as in.. nobody should have longer than that, but..

The thing is... they do their best to kill themself. First you make it expensive, so that less people use their services, and in the end, they can say.. We can't do this, so few are using that service, we have to cut down on services, which, of course, means, that even less people is gonna bother using them, and to meet that, they have to cut down even more..

Got a "letter" from them..

"Welcome to a simpler Post
Right now, Posten changes face and premises across the whole country, the biggest change in 360 years. We also separates the Cash-services (in- and out payments) from the Mail services, in order to get shorter lines and faster service Yeah.. sure... now you have to stand in 2 lines instead of one.. .
Do you need to pay bills or get money you should be able to do it in as many places as before, but under a new sign: "Svensk Kassaservice" (Swedish Cashservice). We also open new Mail Centers with special services for Company-mail. Letter and parcel services moves to selected Grocery stores, gas stations and "7-11s" (Or similar kind of shops). That means there's gonna be several more places yes, since they've closed about all their own offices for the last 10 years you can go and buy stamps and carry out Letter and Parcel errands, most with longer hours than current Mail Offices. Most of it becomes Self Service; You pick what you want from the shelf and pay at the check out with, I guess, all the food etc you bought. Letters and Parcels is handled at a separate desk. not sure how this will cut times in lines, since, even if you're just gonna have some stamps, you will have to squeeze in with all the others wanting to buy milk, bread, sodas and stuff, and then, if you're gonna pick up a parcel, you'll have to go to the next line
To make it extra simple we've got a totally new selection in Posten's shelves: Cards, Envelopes, padded envelopes and boxes for various purposes, ready with postage and everything. I wonder if I'm allowed to write a personal message, or.. and.. if I want to send that odd letter to Brazil? Anyway, I guess there'll be some "standards" as in.. common prices for a lot of stuff, as in invisible postage raises. Easy to buy, send and get Hmm.. I've never had any problem getting a letter before. Just open the mailbox, pick the letter up, open it and read it. Maybe they'll cut the opening part, or does someone come over an read it out loud to me??
Do you live in the countryside the "countryside"mailman still helps with all kinds of mailservices Yes, were they haven't taken that service away (as in everyone having closer than 5 km to the closest Mail office"

Hmm.. doesn't say anything about the delivery of mail.. Am I still gonna get letters etc, delivered to my door, or am I gonna have to go get it myself? I guess they haven't cut down on that yet. Wonder for how long? When I've gotten used to go get my parcels, do my mail business at that gas station, why can't I, as well.. pick up my mail there at the same time, since I already uses that gas station. Bad luck for me, if I usually don't use that gas station.. Welcome to a simpler Post Not sure about that, since I figure I'll have to run to 3 different places, or something, which I could've done in one place now. Great.. I got that parcel, including a bill.. Ok.. First of to the store to pick that parcel up, get the bill, head off to the "Svensk Kassaservice" office to pay the bill.. and while I'm out, I can as well go to that store I usually uses, to get what I need.. Nice.. it'll mean I have to go to that store separately, to get that parcel, and remember the bill when I have errands to that store I usually uses (I pass the Mail office on the way there), or I have to take that extra way and do it all at once, even if it means I have to start out in the entirely wrong direction from what I was supposed to go..

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