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Cleaning out Friends-list.

Thanks to heddan I got around to clean out my friends list.. removing some, adding some new..

But.. why is it so hard to delete someone.. Wish it was a lot easier..

But.. well...

Now I'm down to 101 on my Friends list (a nice number.. have always loved that)..

But then.. 13 of those are communities.. leaving 88 private LJ's..

Still 5 more than has me listed as friend..

Added dawnmarie, vortex, technodummy and optimicide

Nice way of cleaning.. right.. LOL

Hmm.. don't remember who I removed.. don't care, really, since they didn't have me as Friend, so it's not likely they reading this anyway.. heddan, lucysworld is the only ones I remember.. Kinda sad.. I've got Heddan for some time, and well.. since Lucy I've had contact with for about a year and a half.. but.. since they've removed me..

Not sure what to do about these tho.. They don't have me on my Friends list.. I guess, some I'll give some time..

blue_eyed_girl. Not sure what to do with her.. she's got an interesting LJ.. and, well.. added her recently.. but.. she doesn't have me on my friends list..

cybersweetie. She's been sick, and is behind on LJ.. I'll see what happens..

glittereyed ???

stark She's so interesting, I'll keep her.. check her out a little..

Hmm.. only 4? Darn.. I must have missed someone..

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