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Getting a cold??

I am soooooo bored..

no smile gracing my lips..

Kinda tired..

Just want to go to bed and stay there for a really, really long time.. whatever time it takes..

always in a lousy mood some time before I get a cold/flu... dunno..

Went to next town with a buddy from work today.. He wanted to have a look at speakers.. I tagged along, because that place also sells IXOS cables, and I want a 5 meter IXOS SCART-cable.. But they didn't have any of those at home.. :(

Well... got myself 2 CDs...

"Man in Black - The Very Best of Johnny Cash" 2 CD, with 40 songs..

I've never cared enough about Johnny Cash to get any albums etc.. but.. well.. I've heard some songs, who I like, so I've been curious for a long time.. (as well as wanna get those songs of course), so.. well.. bought this collection..

"New Favorite" Alison Krauss + Union Station
Hmm.. kinda funny, because the CD have a sticker.. "Artist Featured on: O Brother, where art thou?". Kinda cool, in a sense, when they use the O Brother-soundtrack as an advertisment..
Well.. obviously.. With the soundtrack selling something like 3 million copies in USA alone, and becoming a huge favorite with a lot of those..
I'm kinda curious to hear how she sounds "naturally", as in out of that concept that was O Brother..

Also bought myself a pair of Sennheiser (R-40) Wireless Headphones.. Hmm.. you have to charge it for 24 hrs the first time around, so I haven't even been able to try them.. but.. they're supposed to have a range of about 100 m (300 ft).. Hmm.. wonder if that allows me to wear them to the Laundry Cabin?? Well.. pretty cool.. tho.. being able to move around at will.. always having the music/radio I want to listen to in them.. (as in... I can get to the loo and still hear the radio etc.. :) )

Hmm.. got myself some DVD's that I haven't written about..

"Jurassic Park III".. Well.. Saw that in Waco, of all places, and really enjoyed it.. Still is funny, on DVD, but.. it looses a lot from the big screen.. Since it has absolutely no story, basically.. "get them to island.. have them run".. The effects, action and all the noise sure adds to the eximent.. and when you loose that in the smaller format, it's.. "less".. Still I think it's a pretty enjoybable movie..

"Solaris". Talk about contrasts.. From big noisy and gaudy colours of Joe Johnston and Steven Spielberg, to Andrei Tarkovkijs silent and psychological drama (Even if Tarkovskij and Spielberg do have some things in common, believe it or not). It'll be interesting to see what the re-make will be.. Kinda weird. For some reason, it's pretty easy to get hold of "Solaris" (which of course was something of a breakthrough for Tarkovskij), while it's basically pointless trying to get his "Stalker", despite the latter being more interesting. We'll see if "Nostalghia" will appear on DVD. I sure hope so, because, even if the movie is uneven, it really would fit on DVD with it's high picture quality.

"Enya - The Video Collection" As far as I know, all of her videos + some behind the (2 of 'em) videos + a documentary about Enya..
Interesting... It does have subtitles, as in.. on the subtitle track, it has the song lyrics.. Nice idea.. Wonder why not all DVDs has that..

"Unbreakable" There has been so varied voices about that movie.. most negative tho.. so I've stayed off it.. but.. now it was Low Price, so I got it..

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