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home again

Back from the stores.. Went straight and bought a 24 pic film, and new batteries for the camera. Spent an hour, or something like that, walking around the town photographing. Something's clearly wrong with the camera.. Still, when I got the pix, all were alright.. Weird.. Now I'm confused.. and sure doesn't know if I dare trust the camera or not..
Went and picked up the tickets for my USA trip, and did some grocery shopping..

The weather is awful.. it's on the sunny side, but not exactly in the sun, but the thermometer shows 27¡ C, I think that's 80¡ F. Not that hot, but the air is weird. It's partly cloudy, so it's not that sunny, but the air is very warm in itself. Hard to describe.. Well.. I sure feel kinda exhausted and hot after having walked home from town..

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