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I really should be working on my site, which very much is for my friends, but.. when they're online on the messengers I've got.. or going online somewhere.. How can one stop oneself from going there to chat with them..
And.. they're so wonderful all of them.. V. Kia, Tenfeetaway etc..
I really, really luv them.. They're so wonderful!!!
At the same time I hate it..
There's one I chat with on Utonica, who's very lovely and from Sweden, but.. all others, the nice ones I've found. The ones I really like, are mostly in USA. Nothing serious with any of them.. they being married etc.. I do love them, but as friends, and.. I think we would have a really great time together, if we met.. But.. I mean.. they're halfway around the world..
I guess it's natural.. to a large degree.. Most great communities are in USA, and I like to chat and watch cams, so I go there.. And, of course, there's mostly people from USA there. Probably because they have such a strong feeling for communities both online and in real life. That, we don't have as much in Sweden as an example, and that way.. I doubt that most Swedish are that hot about joining an online community. Second, it's the language I guess.. I mean.. I'm not that good in English.. but.. still. I don't have that big problems with it.. Not compared with most other countries in Europe... In Sweden I think most are good in English, but.. I don't know.. Either people are way to lazy to make the effort, or they are insecure about using it..

Well.. now, I guess, it's time to work on my site again..

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