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Sexy Sensuality

There's lots of ways you can see/divide the world in.. and I don't mean black and white..

I guess you can divide people in Artistic or Sportsmen, if you want, etc..

Of course there's a scale, but.. I tend to judge (attractive) stuff using "Sexy" or "Sensual"..

Sexy, is flashy stuff.. direct, but kinda tiresome.. The things that make you go.. "Oh, Wow!"..

You meet that blonde with "round" face, red lips.. curves.. big boobs in tight shirt etc.. (Or whatever the manly version of it is, if you're a girl). Someone drawing attention to them (without needing to try).. They're just so hot.. You follow them with your gaze etc..

Multicoloured gaudy blinking lights..

Most of the top 10 singles..

The pics of women in Penthouse..

They're all "sexy".. They grab the attention, make you look... make you go oooh and aaah..

The thing with sexy is that it rarely lasts.. Sexy is often simple, as in limited.. When you've seen that blonde for 10 seconds, there's not that much more to it..

Sensuality might not be attractive at first.. It doesn't jump out and shout: "Look at me!!", as "Sexy" tends to do.. Often, sensuality demands concentration and patience. The reward, I guess, is that, once you've seen the sensual beauty, it tends to grow, and stays in heart or mind for extremely long time..

You enjoy your coffee at that café, when you see that brunette a couple of tables away.. maybe reading a book... Not that hot, or anything.. Maybe passing looks at first, then longer and longer, until you're transfixed..

Light from Candles..

Soft shadows

Obviously.. it's kinda hard to describe, since, especially, sensuality (That comes from the same line as senses, and means something like teasing the senses) is so much based on emotional impact.

I guess you can use Sexy on Coffee, and Sensual on Tea. Coffee is hot, has lots of taste and is direct. A rush.. Energy.. Something you quickly gets and consume fast..
Tea is more relaxed, more silent. It demands a ritual that's time-comsuming, you tend to sit back and relax and slowly drink your tea. Peaceful.

You wouldn't crawl up in a sofa, with a blanket, with some lit candles with a cup of coffee (more likely you'd stand at the kitchen counter drinking it), but.. it sure is perfect with a huge mug of tea (Chocolate's nice too)

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