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I'm no better than anybody else.. Wish I were..

Some time ago, I wrote a letter to wens, as a reply to her "extensive" Christmas Card (The only sad thing about it, was that she hadn't done the drawing!!!).

Well.. I got my Fountain Pens, a "nice" paper with matching envelope and wrote the letter. I sealed the envelope with a seal of "wax"(?), or whatever it is, and a nice "stamp" with an ornated T.

No. I don't write letters that way all the time. I do use the computer at times, to write plain (typewrited) or layouted letters, sometimes I use a simple ballpoint Pen and some standard, plain paper etc. Depends a little bit on what kind of letter etc, or my laziness.. But, usually, if it's a nice, short letter, I try doing it with some "style". Not to impress, or because I think I should put some effort into it etc. It's only that I think letters, has some style. I don't say I'm right, in the style I'm using, or that I'm good at it or anything.. It's simply my view, and trying to do it the best I could.
For some reason (The introduction of the ballpoint pen, massproduction of cheap bulk paper, telephones etc) a style "lost".

God knows I hate shaving, and for several reasons don't do it that often (Lazy, no routines, working strange hours etc), and.. I do use something as "simple" as a Gilette Mach 3 razor, how original :).

An electric shaver might be nice and easy to use etc, but...
It's too far from my ideals, and I simply don't like using one. Since I'd probably cut myself real bad, and too much dislike shaving.., I'd never use a razor (knife), Brush and shaving soap, but.. I dunno.. That is "Shaving", to me.. The ritual, of it, as such..

You might think I'm nostalgic, old fashioned or conservative.. I don't think I am... but, it's not about that...

It's about beauty. There's some beauty in a letter such as that, or the ritual of shaving in that way. A sensuality.

I dunno... I think people in general, doesn't stop to admire/catch the beauty in stuff, as much as they should. To see the value in beauty and style. Too busy, lazy or whatever, to spend some effort doing something nice.

And.. oh.. remember.. I guess, a couple of inces below that concrete or asphalt, there's "nature".. Mother Earth.. The Wilderness.. It's nice to see the isolated islands of grass, a tree or that Dandelion breaking through, fighting back..

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