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I've always been interested in other people's life

Especially if they're from some other country.

The best part of this little trip to Scotland, is that I visited friends, rather than went there for either shopping or seeing some house they built 500 yrs ago where someone known stayed for a night 400 years ago. I wonder, will they, in 200 years time have signs on houses saying: Madonna Slept here 25th of May 1997?

I guess this interest is a result of some unhappiness with where I am in life.. A longing away somewhere, not being here and now etc.

Ok, now I'm not that big on it. Still, it's kinda interesting to visit a supermarket in Scotland, ASDA, and watch what stuff they buy. That "Panodil" in UK is "Panodol", "Yes" = "Fairy", "GB Glace" = "Wall's".. etc etc.
Now, UK aren't exactly the other end of the world, and what you can buy is basically the same. Nothing that exotic. Still, it's interesting.
I went along with Av (the mother in the house) to the kids sports day in School. Well.. it ran a touch long.. 60 events... You'd seen enough in the first 10.. Still, it was kinda interesting, at least to me, to go along to something "everyday". To see the living, breathing people, rather than some dead guy on a painting, and hearing some guide explain how they lived 300 years ago.

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