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Thom' Luka

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They're playing the coolest song on the radio.. I pray to God, really, that I'm able to catch the artist and name..

Hmm.. in German.. something about musik in der machine.. or something.. think they sing something about New Age, as well.. Doesn't exaclty sound like Kraftwerk.. maybe it's Rammstein, even if it's slightly to bubbly sounding and "soft"..

and darn.. they broke it for news.. :(

Oh.. Got 2 new DVDs..

"Lethal Weapon - Director's Cut"
"Malèna" - I do like Tornatore's movies.. the one's I've seen.. "Cinema Paradiso" and "The Starmaker". I don't know.. there's something about them that makes them really touching and heart-warming. But this has gotten kinda bad reviews, for being "sexistic"... still, it got 2 Academy Award Nominations..

Hmm.. surprise, surprise... Didn't catch the title.. darn.. but, it was Einstürzende Neubauten. It sure didn't sound anything like them.. monotonous, but.. kinda melodic, light and bubbly.. I got to have that song..

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