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LJ get together

I've been thinking that it would be nice to meet some other "Swedish" LJ users (as in.. living in Sweden)...

I think it would be fun if it was possible to arrange a gathering somewhere.. To see each other face to face.. talk, maybe have some food etc etc.. Just get together..

Obviously, Sweden is big etc etc.. I guess there's users all over.. That way.. I guess, Stockholm or something, would be a good place to meet.. Some would have pretty far to travel, but.. the good thing about Stockholm is that it's pretty easy to get there.. All roads leads to Stockholm.. as in all Trains, planes etc.. I guess there's more users down there as well.. so that it kinda equals out.. if it would be kinda fair, it would be in say.. Sundsvall, but then... maybe 5 have to go a long way, while 2 gets a little shorter, than if it was in Stockholm, where maybe 2 would have to go a long way..

I'd sure would be happy if there was something worked out..

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