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Hmm.. Well.. Norway being our "sister"-country, actually.. 100 years, Sweden and Norway was a union..

But, being this close, we have a hate-love relationship, and likes to tell jokes about each other.. In Sweden it's about how stupid they are in Norway..
Such as: How do you sink a Norwegian Submarine.. You dive down and knock on the door.. etc etc..

But.. well.. Now you really starts wondering what's happening..

It seems, to become part of the royal family in Norway.. you have to do drugs (at least once upon a time), and be considered "trash".. (I know mattt is gonna have a field day with this entry.. )

First the Crownprince goes and marry Mette-Marit.. a single-mom who's said to have a really wild life (with drugs, partying, and semi-nude pics etc.. (Hmm.. sounds awful lot like she's being a cam-girl actually).
Now a Princess Märte-Louise (???), who actually is a pretty cool person as far as I know, has announced that she's going to marry someone who's kinda considered "scum", and drug-user etc..

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