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Kill Me

Well.. then I might stop shop, at least..

and.. well.. I don't care.. because when you read this, you're gonna kill me anyway..

but.. I got some new DVDs today.. (Hmm.. the flaw, kinda, of being able to sit at home and order (including advanced ordering.. )..

Nothing special, I think, this time tho..

The Gift - I've been curious about it, but not entirely sure.. But..well.. it's Sam Raimi (He's always good), and a friend said it was really great. Then, I saw that Discshop, where I order from, had that DVD in a competition.. order the DVD, answer a Question, and you can win a Home Cinema Set up.. One of those, player/amp with 5 tiny speakers and a sub-package.. things.. Nothing I'm that interested in as such.. but.. hey.

Heartbreakers - Ok, it's not that good, and too long.. But, saw it on the plane home from USA, and.. well.. it sure has some funny moments in it..

Evolution - Julianne Moore!!!! Well.. it's got mixed reviews.. Duchovney and Moore being far better than the material..

Candyman - This one really is scary..

Planet of the Apes - The old, original, one.. Well.. I've only seen it once, and that was a long time ago.. like 25 years ago.. Got it on video, but haven't gotten around seeing that.. Well.. it was cheap, so I bought the DVD..

The Thomas Crown Affair - Pierce Brosnan. I've only got vague memories of the original, but.. They showed this on the movie channel, and I liked it. Pierce Brosnan really fits the part.. it's entertaining, and it was half price..

Frenzy - My second Hitchcock DVD. This isn't that big favorite of mine, of Hitchcock's movies.. But, it's ok..

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