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Mysteries of Life

On DVD's you've got all those Language features. Most of the time, it states what subtitles it got in English, tho..
You know: Subtitles: English, Polish, Czech, etc..
Why?? Shouldn't it have a subtitle-logo, and all the languages stated in their own language.. Why write French, when it should be Franais etc.
In Europe, since we have such a lot of languages, we have a lot of various subtitles. I think the most I've seen, has been about 20 on a DVD. (All stated in English, of course).
Now they do print up covers specific for the country it's sold in, most of the time, so if the text on the cover is in French, you can take for granted that it's subtitled in French (even if it probably reads: Sous-Titrage: Franais, Anglais, Espagnol etc (Subtitles: French, English, Spanish, in French)).

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