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Random stuff.. (LOL Shiizzz)

Hmm.. Bertrande posted pics of her DVD collection.. Hmm.. maybe I should steal that idea.. Yeah.. I have absolutely no morals..

If I could do whatever I wanted, and would marry someone for looks alone etc etc (OK.. she's pretty artistic, has pretty nice interest in movies and music too and writes fun), I would marry Violent Kisses. Hmm..

I'm still sorting stuff here.. Filling up paper-bag after paper-bag with.. well.. paper to get to the recycling-station..

It's surprising... how much you can trash, if you really put your mind to it.. Hmm.. lots of files on my comp.. Sorting the stuff, and saves it down to CD-R.. and.. well... the CD-R only take 700 MB.. if I ends up slightly above that.. I start looking for files to trash, to bring it down those 10 - 20 MB I need to get rid of, if I don't want to have another CD..

I really, really wish somebody could help me doing my site.. (at least show me how to do it). I've fooled around with a design. I know, now, that I want that design, but now I've kinda came up with the whole frame (the concept of it), but it sure would help with some stuff I've got no idea how to do.. I'm artistic, not technological..

I need someone's butt (literally) for a photo-project.. hmm...

I've felt kinda horny a lot, lately..

Posted the X-mas cards today.. Hmm.. should've wrote a list to who I sent cards too.. Jema, Heddan, Jane, Mom, Grandmother, Grandfather, Nanna, Shell, Rene, Gary & Av, A-L. Those I remember, at least.. Hmm.. there's lots more I'd send to, if I had their addys.. Lucy (of course), Doe, Giggles, Dallandra, Dragon.., Angel.. I don't like asking people for their addys.. feels like some kind of intrusion of privacy, for some reason. Maybe because most of them are online, and uses nicks etc..

oh... The Nobel Prize was given out today.. Hmm.. one thing I'd never get, I guess.. but... do think Astrid Lindgren should get it..

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