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ok.. I'm home from Scotland.. and are kinda getting back to life.

Having catched up with all emails (some 250 of them... Most of them from a Yahoo Group tho), having checked updates of sites etc..

Having started working again, only 8 days to do before I have my 5 week vacation.

Still has to try getting some sleep.. Next time I travel somewhere, I'm gonna make sure I don't do it that fast.

I'm working on a schedule, and before I went to Scotland, I worked. Evening, E, E, x, Morning, M, M, M, x, Night, N, N. After a cycle like that, I've got 6 days off, and I thought it was a good idea to actually do something then, like going visiting friends in Scotland. A good idea, and bad. The problem is, when you've worked that, it takes days to wake up again. Not that you sleep all the time. It's more of a Zombie-state.. You're awake, but not really.
Thursday. Only slept for about 5 hrs after having worked night. Ended the last shift on Friday morning, slept some, not much. Then were awake until 3 am, and woke up at 7 Saturday morning. Left home at 11.15 am, came to Aberdeen Airport some 10 hrs later.
Was a touch tired when I came there, and not exactly in my most spiritual mood. Well, gradually woke up, but it wasn't until about Monday afternoon I started waking up. Tuesday, woke up at 9 (UK time). I were gonna go back home Wed at 6 in the morning, which meant I should be in the airport at about 5 in the morning. Since it became kinda late Tuesday, instead of trying to get 3 hrs of sleep, we stayed up.. then.. another 10 hrs of traveling before I got home..
Guess if I felt sleepy.
Something I still have to catch up with.

Traveling, for some reason or another, is always tiring. If you go somewhere, you want to use that time you got, to see as much as you can, and if you visit someone, even if they tell you to be as if you were at home.. Nobody does that, do they??

As for Scotland. I really loved it. I'm longing back, at least. It was fun, interesting etc, but I'll have to see to it that I'm not as sleepy the next time.

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