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Chinese Horoscope

September 17 1963 - 23:55

The Double-Hour of the Rat (Yeh Pan) - Midnight

The Month of the Rooster (the month of the autumnal equinox)

The Year of the Rabbit (Water)

The Personality of the Rabbit:
Have a need for company and wants to belong to a fixed flock. They feel safe and protected among their own and becomes shy and unobtrusive outside of their own circle. But the Rabbit keeps a certain independence even in that group, and despite not exactly being outgoing he can often become the subject of attention by being where things happens. The Rabbit is social and jovial, but always keeps a certain distance.
The typical Rabbit is amenable, almost submissive, in their struggle to avoid all conflicts. This kind and benevolent, who gladly gossips with friends as well as take an interest in literary activity, might seem too tame , but he's able to show a surprising amount of courage in dangerous situations.
The Rabbit is considered to be clear-sighted and an excellent judge of character. He senses when someone is sincere and has an uncanny ability to discover dishonesty. In personal relations he uncovers the most innocent cheating in almost the same moment it's done.
One other ability that the Rabbit gets credit for is the formula to the divine elixir of life. Because of that Rabbit-born is often good at curing both spiritual as well as bodily complaints.

The quality of the Rat:
Creativity and ingenuity. quick-witted, talent and sociable might lead to "social" career. Shrewd and opportunistic. Can use friends.

The Quality of the Rooster:
determination, pride and self-confidence.

Goat and Pig when it comes to relations. Snake extremely suitable.

The Five Elemens:
Tree - 5, Fire - 0, Earh - 0, Metal - 4, Water - 3.
Tree: Intelligent, bright, talkative, lucid. Very imaginative, dreamy and avant-gardistic.
Metal: aggressivly outspoken, enterprising, businesslike

Choses some creative work. Literary.
Travels to foreign places and might have a big exchange from there.
Towards the end of his life, acknowledged for something written.

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