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Got another 8 DVDs yesterday and today..

Mostly old stuff..

314: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Actually doesn't like this movie that much.. not as much as everybody else seems to do, but.. it's an ok movie.. I prefer The Sting, over this I think..

315: Carrie A good movie, that's kinda a first of it's kind. This is the Special Edition, with lots of extra material, which, I guess, was the main reason I got around finally buying it on DVD.

316: The Last Picture Show Really touching and great portrait of life in a small town.. Amazing actors..

317: One night at McCool's Mixed bunch of reviews on this one.. From great to not working.. Haven't seen it, but bought it mostly because of John Goodman, and.. it might be good..

318: Police Story Haven't seen, but they say it's Jackie Chan's best movie.. at his peak.. and.. I kinda like him

319: Rear Window I think the Hitchcock movie I like the most.

320: Some Like it Hot What a great movie.. I wouldn't call it the best comedy ever, as it was named, but.. one really great, and fun, movie..

321: Spy Kids Nothing I would normally buy etc.. Generally the kids movies is so bad.. Cheap shots.. But, saw this on the flight from USA, and liked it a lot.. Fun for both kids and adults.. and with serious budget etc..

Can't exactly complain.. getting 3 movies that's really up there among the very best you can get.. :)

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