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Finally. I've gotten a haircut.. Not that I minded the long hair.. Prefer to have long hair, actually.. It's kinda easy to have it short, but.. I don't know.. Don't have that high thoughs about my face, and.. long hair sure helps.

Hmm.. don't even remember when I had it cut the last time.. a long, long time ago.. As it is, I seem to get it cut only 1 or 2 times/year.. The problem is.. I usually go to one place, and they have drop in only on Fridays. That way, I have to get away on a Friday, and even if it don't take long, I prefer it being a day off from work. When I work mornings, I'm usually so tired I only want to get home. When I begin at 2 pm... Hey.. I'm lazy in getting up (Mostly because I don't go to bed until about 4, 5 am.. Usually don't get up until about 11 am.. Not that much time left before I go to work. When I work nights, I guess it's ok.. I often think I'll stay awake and go there directly they open.. but usually.. I end up being so tired by that time, I go to bed anyway..

I'm a night person. It sucks that society to such a degree is directed towards "ordinary" daytime people. Here, most shops are open bewteen 9.30 am and 6 pm.. Most. Some have open to 7. Grocery stores usually to 8 or 9 pm.. Even if I go up at noon, I'm usually slow in get going.. Often, I find myself waiting, sit at the computer, listen to music, see TV or something, until I really have to go.. 5.30 if I need to go to a shop.. 8.30 if I only needs to get some groceries in the store 500 ft away from me.. Hmm.. I don't know if it's possible to change that... I seem to be just like that, by nature. As soon as I get a chance, I start living according to those times, without really thinking about it. Hmm.. maybe I was born in the wrong time-zone..

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