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Final DVD (Yay!)

And the updates..

259: "The Deer Hunter" Not as much about war, as the life back home. Really big and impressive.

260: "The Jackal" The re-make. Needs to see the movie properly.

261: "Remains of the Day" A really "quiet" movie, with very loud and touching emotions. Maybe plays it a touch safe at times. Anthony Hopkins has never been better, Emma Thompson is wonderful.

262: "Serial Mom" John Waters' maybe most mainstream movie, and maybe because of that, the one that actually works best, since you've got some kind of normality to compare against. Kathleen Turner in one of her best parts (only n The Virgin Suicides she's been better), in a really wild and hilarious movie.

263: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" Actually doesn't like this movie that much, even if it has some really great scenes. The basic problem being that the story isn't balanced right, and it do show too much of the time it was made, with the economic animation of repeating the same animated sequences over and over again. It really should be touched up in a special edition. I actually prefer the flip-side "Sleeping Beauty" better. Couldn't resist buying this DVD, tho, because it's the Collector's edition with tons of stuff on it.

T - Y

264: "Tales From The Darkside - The Movie" Stephen King has written one sequence, Julianne Moore has a small part in another, and the third of the the 3 episodes is really, really good.

265: "Tarzan" (Disney) Not their best, since the story isn't that strong, neither is their funniest, but.. It do have some very fun moments, is generally entertaining and contains some of the most impressive sequences, like the final "shot" that gives you goosebumbs of impressed pleasure.

266: "Taxi" (France) This is one of the most popular movies in France, and resulted in a sequel. This is based on a screenplay by Luc Besson, but lacks most of his style. Actually it's laughably bad, but it's engaging and good simple fun. It's very hard not to like it.

267: "Taxi Driver" Haven't seen the DVD, and it was several years ago since I saw the movie. That way, I prefer not to comment on it

268: "The Terminator" T2 might be bigger and better, but isn't half as special as the first. Not sure what makes it special. Maybe because it's cool.

269. "T2 : Terminator 2 - Judgement Day (Ultimate Edition)" I'm mixed about the movie. It's good, but do lack the thing that made the first movie into something special. Would have bought the DVD anyway, but.. that this DVD contains about everything one could ever imagine, doesn't exactly make me sad..

270: "Thelma & Louise" The italian dubbing on this DVD is amazing. Maybe not Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, but really good in it's own. As for the movie.. It's fun, tragic and poetic.. Even if it's not the best movie I've seen, I can't say I find anything bad with it.. The Ridley Scott Commentary is kinda fun.. He's talking about everything but the movie, basically.. For the first 15 mins, he talks so much about Alien, you might think they've switched the commentary.

271: "There's Something About Mary" A huge disappointment. Having seen the trailer, it looks really good, then.. having seen Kingpin.. Well.. it wasn't that fun. It do have some really good scenes, but in general not that fun, and it lacks a heart and spirit that Kingpin has..

272: "The Thin Red Line" Hasn't gotten around to see yet.

273: "The Thing" Interesting concept, but not that great movie. Do have it moments tho.. Not sure why I bought the DVD, except maybe to get it in Widescreen.. The John Capenter/Kurt Russel commenatary must be about the worst I've ever heard..

274: "Three Kings" Now, someone is gonna get "angry", but I haven't seen the movie yet..

275: "Tillsammans" (Together) Swedish, by new wonderkid Lukas Moodysoon. Haven't seen one single of his movies, not even this.. But, I thought I'd give him a shot.. See what it is.

276: "Time Bandits" Terry Gilliam, and the movie that really got me hooked on him. What fantastic visuals, that really makes your jaw drop, and a lot of fun.

277: "Todo Sobre Mi Madre" (Everything about my mother) Pedro Almod•var. Not that big fan of him, even if I liked his "Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown" and "Matador". Still, he's insteresting. So, I'm looking forward to see this movie..

278: "Tomorrow Never Dies" I'm not a big fan of James Bond, but I see all of them, likes the concept and do think some are really great. This, as most of the later ones, lacks a proper story most of the time, and instead throws in set-pieces to fit the rhythm rather than the story, even if it, in the ends becomes a winner thanks to the chemistry between Brosnan and Yeoh.

279: "Toy Story" Slight disappointment. Always having liked Pixars short story, and all the good reviews it got, I did expect more.. It feels kinda restrickted, as in not daring to go all the way with things. Probably because being afraid of technical limitations.

280: "Toy Story 2" Far better than the first movie. Wilder, and really funny, in a great story. What the first should've been.

281: "Traffic" Haven't seen, but it's Soderbergh, so I guess I had to buy it.

282: "Transylvania 6-500" Said to be one of the worst movies done in "recent" years. Got it cheap, and couldn't resist buying it to see how bad it is. Well.. an almost nude Geena Davis do have it's attraction as well.. LOL Haven't seen it tho.

283: "Tremors" One of my all time favorites. You can't exactly say it's high art, but everything in it is so perfectly done. Really enjoyable. I haven't seen as much chemistry among the cast as in any other movie, and where the fun they had during shooting, has been so visible on screen.

284: "Tremors 2 - Aftershocks" Thanks to this being a Region 1 Disc, I haven't been able to see it.

285: "True Crime" Standard. Not bad, not good, but a watchable 2 hrs.

286: "True Lies" I really likes this movie. It's decent story and action, but doesn't take itself too seriously, which is perfectly right with this kind of movies. If only more dared to do that.

287: "True Romance" Far from perfect, but has a go in it, that's lacking from most other movies, including Tarantino's own. Special.

288: "The Truman Show" A really great and touching movie. I'm not that much for Carrey, and he does "him" at some times, which is a touch boring, but most of the time he's able to stay away from it, and fit into the movie.

289: "Twister" The main problem with this, is that it's at its best at the very start. After that, nothing can beat it, and it feels like it gets more and more uniteresting. That way, when it reaches what should be the grand finale it doesn't give anything. So far, the DVD I like to use as a demonstration, because no other has such great sound.

290: "Ultimo Tango a Parigi" (The Last Tango in Paris) Interesting story, but they're not able to do anything with it. It becomes boring and uninteresting. Possibly because they're unable to show the motivations of the two main characters. You don't care about them.

291: "Unforgiven" Just great! Strange movie.. it starts out nicely, then nothing happens, nothing happens, nothing happens.. it really crawls forward but keeps you interested, until the last 5 mins..

292: "The Untouchables" Really great actors, all around, in an entertaining and interesting story. Do lacks a point, tho.. If it had led to something, I guess it would've been far better than 2 hrs of enjoyable entertainment. Now, it stops being just that.

293: "Wag the Dog" Not seen

294: "Waking Ned" Not seen

295: "Walking with Dinosaurs" A BBC "documentary" series about Dinosaurs, done as if it was an ordinary Nature-program of today, where they sneak in the bushes following the creatures around. Maybe too much facts to really learn anything about them. The dinosaurs, even if the effects aren't always that convincing, they're good enough to not distract, and feel "real".

296: "The War of the Roses" A movie that grows with every watch of it. Isn't that fun, and one might be disappointment the first time around. But, it's not laugh-out fun that stays funny even if you see it 20 times..It has quality. Still, for being a tragic moral story, it can't be much funnier than it is.

297: "The Way of The Gun" Still to see.

298: "Very Bad Things" Haven't seen. Some say it's great, other says it's really lousy. I'm curious.. Guess I bought it because of Diaz.

299: "What Lies Beneath" I like suspenseful ghost stories, and had high hopes for this, but became very disappointed because of the total lack of orginality. It's unabel to hide the fact when exactly something is gonna happen, which takes away the "jump"-factor. Then they do one major thing wrong. Everybody having been close to see a movie of this kind, knows that it's not the one might think it is, behind it. For the first half of the movie, they don't do anything but point in one direction. So much that you automatically know that's not the case. The first half of the movie that way entirely wasted. Instead it then tries to be mysterious about something most of the audience already knows, before it, oooh surprise, the reveal who it is, and the movie turns into a bad thriller instead of a "What's going on"-story.

300: "When Harry Met Sally" The "original" in a sense. Of course, they've always done this kind of movies. Especially in the 40's, but this felt fresh, and to some degree changed the concept of romantic comedies, and maybe because of that, it still holds up well. Few beats it, Groundhog Day does, You've got Mail is close. Notting Hill should've looked at this.

301: "While you were sleeping" A very decent romantic comedy, with a lot more charm than comedy actually. Interesting story.

302: "Wild Things" This one is really good Film Noirish-thriller. Neve Campbell is stunningly good. Loses some at the end tho, when it has so many twists, it starts to feel parodic, when you starts sitting and wait for the new twist (which you know is coming). In the theater, it actually was many that laughed, when the twists came.

303: "Wild Wild West" It really could've been good, and even if it's not so bad everyone says, it kinda falls to the ground. The main problem is that the movie feels like 2 min episodes. It doesn't flow the way it's supposed to do. Much of that having to do with the movie originally having a very different set-up, when Kevin Kline wasn't supposed to play the part he does. Now, instead of 1 serious, 1 fun character, it became 2 fun characters, which is hard to pull off, and sure takes away from the contrast the screenplay is based on.

304: "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" Haven't seen, but bought it because it has the reputation as the best kids movie ever.

305: "La Vita Š Bella" (Life is beautiful) The main problem with this movie, is that it's 2 movies. The first half is really wonderful. Really fun, charming and with the big romance only Italians can make. The other half, set in the camp, in my view, doesn't work. First of all the humour feels stiff and not as relaxed as in the first part, as if Benigni is afraid to screw up. To afraid of it becoming in bad taste. That way, the second part feels very mixed in all ways. In order to keep it a "fairy" tale and allowing him to do what he does, the camp feels very nice and peaceful, far from the horrors of the real thing. The problem with that, is that you don'g get a feeling of a threat. Still, it's "scary" enough to not being funny.

306: "The Witches of Eastwick" Jack Nicholson is the master of over-acting, that way his devil becomes very much "I huff, and I puff.. " and not that much fun. In fact, this movie is saved by the trio of really wonderful actresses.. Michelle Pfeiffer, Cher and Susan Sarandon.

307: "Witness" Both something good and bad for the Amish, that serves as a backdrop of the movie. They don't live that much like that, as well as they became very well known. As for the movie, it works great because it's a combination of a thriller/crime-story, and the story of personality-change, from cold to finding his heart.

308: "The World is Not Enough" Haven't seen. I saw until the main-titles, then I turned it off.. That prolouge must be among the worst sequences ever in a Bond-movie. 2 speed-boats going around and around as small dots on the Thames for 5 mins.. Wow.. the exitement.. That sequence being maybe 5 - 10 mins long, but having action for about 1 min is something that has started to plague Bond-movies lately. "GoldenEye" has a non-interesting car-chase that goes on for twice as long as it should, and Bond driving a Tank around St. Petersburg way too long etc.

309: "X-Men" I've never been a huge fan of the X-Men comics.. Too American and way chatty. American comics has a way of wanting to explain everything in detail, in text, instead of using the images. Still, or maybe because of that, I liked the movie. With most super-hero movies, it's very much a spectacle. Everything done twice as big, basically. Very operatic. X-Men is really low-key and serious, and that makes it far more interesting. Story-based rather than effect-based, which makes the effects, when they're used, to stand out the better, and work for the story.

310: "The Yards" A really strange movie. It's got far from an original story, and it's filled with movie-based dialouge, but kept so low-key and "natural" it feels very real.

311: "Yes Minister" A BBC TV-comedy series, and among the best there is. A classic fun, which works as well now, as it did back when it was new. Much of that having to do with having among the most fun dialog ever written, instead of being dependent on visual comics. Even if it's totally fiction, for some reason, when looking at real-life politicians, you can't help but feel there's more than a little truth in it.

312: "You've got mail" Nora Ephron does nice movies. Very smooth movies, that don't differs that much from movie to movie. It's "When Harry Met Sally" done over and over again. This one, even if doesn't top When Harry Met Sally, do work well. Way better than Sleeping in Seattle which felt too predictable, and wasn't based on comedy to the same degree. This feels more relaxed, charming and good-natured, which helps overcoming a very typical story.

313: "Young Frankenstein" By far, the best of Mel Brooks's movies, and really hilarious with extremely good dialouge.

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