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Summertime, and the livin' is easy (Gershwin)

Obviously during the winters up here in the north.. (ok.. we don't exactly have arctic climate here, thanks to the Gulf Stream) you kinda long for the summer.. When it's, thanks to being this far north, daylight long into the evening.. and when it's warm..
But, I don't know..

May was kinda mixed.. Not that bad, but far from perfect.. Not that much rain, but no real warmth..
When we changed to June, everything seemed to change.. Suddenly it started getting real warm.. Nice, in a sense.. but..
There's one thing that's good with winter.. it's cold.. and then you can dress to be warm..
With warm weather.. for some reason there's no escape.. unless you want to throw everything out of the refrigirator and crawl into it yourself..

It's been some time since I updated this..
The main reason being..
I've made a couple of pics for Dez (, which she very nicely has posted on her site..
The rest of the time, I've started doing something I should've done long ago.. Sorting e-mails, to make sure I've got all of them backed up, as well as no duplicates, and in an order where I easily can find them..
I've only been online for like 11 months.. and gee.. how can one get like thousands and thousands of mails.. (only personal and Site-related (such as passwords etc)).
At least, now I'm seeing the end of that..

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