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148: "Aberdeen" Norwegian/Scottish/Swedish movie. Haven't seen yet.

149: "The Godfather" (In the Collection Box) For some reason, I've never been really in love with this, even if I can't put the finger on why I don't like it.

150: "The Godfather Part II" (In the Collection Box). The Godfather I saw in a Cinema, and since I didn't like it that much, I haven't exactly tracked down this to see it, even if I know it's said to be better.

151: "The Godfather Part III" (In the Collection Box). Haven't seen.

152: "Hannibal" 2 Disc Special Edition. Bought it mostly because all the Bonus Material and the fact that it's with Julianne Moore. Then I was slightly curious too. Maybe because I didn't expect much, I think it was ok. They've been able to cut down the book nicely, and created a nice story out of it. Still, there's tons of problem with the basic story, which it shares with "Dracula", as in having the "monster" as the hero. Hannibal Lecter is a true monster, a real nasty person (Fascist). Somebody we despise. That way, the movie has to kinda fool us into thinking he's not that bad, and when they want to show how nasty he really is, it's too late. Since he's portrayed as a hero, we cheer him instead of understand that this is a dangerous person. Then, of course, everybody else in the movie becomes unimportant. Very cold, and un-emotional movie you watch, rather than takes part in.

DVD: L - O

153: "L. A. Confidential" Good, but kinda ends up in between. For some reason, when I saw it, I kept thinking that: Well.. it tries to be "Chinatown", without succeeding. It also tries to be "???" (Don't remember what movie) but that also did it better. This movie doesn't know what leg it should stand on. Entertainment or cool thriller. It could be both, but this doesn't succeed in that, feeling like 2 movies. 2 movies you can see better versions off separately.

154: "L. A. Story" A really interesting, fun and touching movie that looks at Los Angeles-phenomen|on (and makes loving fun of it) and it's a great movie about relationships (Which it takes a touch more serious). It makes you smile, and it makes you cry (happy tears).

155: "The Last Boy Scout" It's really, really cheesy, but I really love it. If it had been with some other than Bruce Willis (and Damon Wayans), you could probably not stand it. The story is by Shane Black, who's written Lethal Weapon among others, and he's simply the best there is when it comes to this type of movie. Fun, and with great "violence". Guess this is very much a boys movie, tho.. One of the few of those I like.

156: "Lawrence of Arabia" One of the few really big epics worth seeing. A sweeping adventure to really get lost in. Of course, this is one of the best, and hard to compete with, but it feels like this is one of the very last of it's kind.

157: "Leaving Las Vegas" This is one of those movies that defies all explanation. It has everything against it. The characters aren't that sympathetic, the story is filled with clich‚s and doesn't really end up in something. It just portrays a moment in life, a meeting between two people where one saves the other, and it's a very touching and "romantic" drama. Also show how great an actor Nicolas Cage can be, when he doesn't think he's The Action Man.

158: "Leon" (USA: The Professional) Very entertaining and touching Luc Besson-movie that simply kick ass. Still, a slight disappointment. Up until this, Luc Besson's movies had always had some kind of general feeling greater than the sum of the movie, but this feel slightly: ".. and?". Still, it's extremely entertaining and cool. Of course, it stars Jean Reno, one of the best actors on the face of this planet, and Natalie Portman in her debut, and what a debut. This is, unfortunately, the shorter version. Why they didn't release the director's cut is beyond my understanding.

159: "Lethal Weapon 4" The "worst" of the Lethal Weapon-movies, but also the one that best blows away the audience in a Cinema. Unfortunately it doesn't work as well in the home, where the bad jokes kinda falls flat. It's hard not to be impressed by Jet Li, tho.

160: "A Life Less Ordinary" A charming, touching and hilarious love story. One of my big favorites.

161: "The Limey" Haven't seen.

162: "Little Voice" Stunning movie, with a bad "happy" ending. "Little Voice's" show simply knocks you flat, and is a pure showstopper. Must be amazing to have seen it in the theater.

163: "Local Hero" This is about the most touching and charming movie I've seen. Just hand over your heats and enjoy.

164: "Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels" This is kinda ironic. I bought this DVD from UK before it had even opened in Cinemas in Sweden since I'm very much aware of what happens in the movie-scene in UK, but I still haven't seen it.

165: "Lola Rennt" (Run Lola Run) A movie that really blows you away, dead and square. I don't know if it's THAT good as a movie, but sure is awesome.. Interesting, intensive, about the best sound design I've ever heard and touching.

166: "Lone Star" Haven't seen

167: "The Long Kiss Goodnight" For some reason it didn't do well at all in USA, while in Europe it got both fav reviews and did really good at the box office. It's in the Lethal Weapon/Die Hard 3 mould, but cooler and tougher. Geena Davis is so great. Written by Shane "Lethal Weapon"/"Last Boy Scout" Black, which is pretty evident, since some of his trademarks sure is there. Think everyone loving Die Hard 3 and The Matrix, would love this.

168: "Lost in Space" Mostly bought it because of the technical aspects of the movie. Not as bad as everyone says, but do have a too pompous story.

169: "The Lost World - Jurassic Park II" Actually pretty good the first hour. After that, it's get worse, and in the final 30 mins with a roaming T-Rex on the streets of San Diego, you start to wonder exactly what pills they were on.. Must go down in movie history as the absolut worst 30 mins in a major movie.

170: "M:I-2" (Mission Impossible 2) Haven't seen it..

171: "Madonna - The Video Collection 93:94" Bought it basically for one reason only, that "Frozen" video.. Music Videos, of course, is very dependent on the music, and when it comes to "Frozen" I both like the song and the video in itself. As for the rest.. well.. Since I've never been a huge fan of Madonna, the songs I do like could easily be counted, that way.. it's kinda hard saying anything about the rest of the videos. They're more or less interesting. With the resources involved, they can't be really bad, but Madonna uses her videos only to perform the song, rather than acknowledge them as a product in themself, which is, I guess, why they're so dependent on what you think about the song.

172: "Magnolia" I gotta see this, sometimes..

173: "Manon des Sources (Jean De Florette 3Šme Partie)" (Manon of the Spring - Jean De Florette Part 2) The movie was released in 2 parts, with a total running time of 235 minutes it's understandable, but is really one movie, and very dependent on each other, as in: You can't see one or the other part alone. Despite it's running time and size, a surprisingly small and intimate tale. Very big on emotions tho.. Very engaging tale, and I just love it.

174: "Mars Attacks!" Tim Burton. A slight disappointment. Doesn't stop it from being great at times tho..

175: "The Mask" This is basically the only movie so far, with Jim Carrey I've liked. For some reason, he fits in this one. As for the movie, I love the general Tex Averyism in it.. The wild nature of it.

176: "Matewan" Slightly long, but interesting look at Socialism.

177: "The Matrix" Well. That the Brothers directing this had style, I knew before. Created an entirely new style. Of course, everybody has their own view about it. I've got two.. On the surface it's about the Nazis chasing Jews. On a Philosophical level, it's about how media and entertainment brainwashes people, substituting true happiness with a lifestyle you can buy.

178: "Maximum Overdrive" Love Stephen King, but to call this movie a great work would be to strech it not just a little bit.. Actually, it's one of the worst movies ever done. At the same time, especially if you know King's humour, it's kinda funny..

179: "The Medusa Touch" I've only seen this once, in a cinema, some 15 years ago. Do remember it as a tight thriller, with surprisingly good special effects. Had enough fond memory of it to have wished to see it again, and finally getting it, on DVD, feels kinda.. well.. like a jackpot.. Hmm.. wonder if I dare see the DVD tho.. LOL

180: "Meet The Parents" It's an OK movie. Not bad, but not that great neither. Surprisingly unobtrusive, which is slightly boring. I kinda like comedy a touch wilder..

181: "Men in Black" Fun, and for the first time, Sonnenfelds relation with the Coens is in view.

182: "Merlin" British TV with an amazing cast. Haven't seen it tho..

183: "Mighty Joe Young" Kinda slow at times, but fun and charming. Of course, the director, Ron Underwood, is one I have a good eye to. He does movies I tend to like a lot. This one is, of course, very much a Disney-story done for real which works surprisingly well.

184: "Mimic" Mira Sorvino!!! Stupid story, ok movie. Could've been a lot better, but it's possible to see it, without feeling that bad about it.

185: "Il Mio Nome Š Nessuno" (My Name is Nobody). One of my absolute favorite movies, despite not being perfect. The main problem is that it feels like 2 movies. One quite serious, one comedy, and those doesn't mix that good, the way the movie is made. The story is a real treat tho, and the dialogue, in the main scenes, one of the best I've ever heard.

186: "Moby - Play" I like a lot of what Moby does, especially on the Play album. The videos range from just bad, to fun to weird. Nice is that you get all videos, when they've done different versions of them etc. The other features of the DVD is pretty good. "Give an idiot a camcorder" is slightly too long, but most of the time really hilarious "documentary".

187: "Moonstruck" Not sure why I bought this DVD. I've seen the movie, and it's nice and fun, but not that special. Great actors.

188: "The Mummy" A very self-concious and fun adventure. It feels a touch small, which limits it. It kinda tries to be a new Indiana Jones, but Indiana Jones has always been about scope, about being blown up to bigger than life. That way, this kinda doesn't grab you as much as those did. Still, it's great fun, to say the least.

189: "MylŠne Farmer - Mylenium Tour" I've loved her music for a long time. Not fanatically, but.. most has been ok, and some has been really great. One of my big wishes has been to see her live in concert, but since she's a French artist, and not that big outside of French-speaking countries, the most likely way of getting to see her, would be to go to France or something, to see her. That way, it was nice getting hold of this DVD that shows a concert, even if it's far from her best tour coming after the album of her I like the least.

190: "Natural Born Killers - Director's Cut" Among the filmmakers, Oliver Stone has to be among the ones I like absolutely the least. He simply can't tell a story, as well as being to caught up in his own agenda. Of his movies, only "Talk Radio", "Heaven + Earth", "JFK" and "Natural Born Killers" is watchable at all. They're not good, but watchable. "JFK" and "Natural Born Killers" mostly because of the style and editing. The problem is that they're houses of cards. If you pull one card out, everything falls flat to the ground, because they have no real substance that keeps them up. As for "NBK", I like the intensity of it.

191: "The Negociator" Mostly engaging thriller drama, with good actors, but in the end it becomes too much "Hollywood" and obvious.

192 "The Night of the Hunter" This is a really scary movie. Nasty, in it's relentless and haunting telling of the story. Feels surprisingly modern, despite being made in 1955. Even if I thank somebody that it was made then, because today they wouldn't have guts to do much of what they did in this one.

193: "The Ninth Gate" Totally un-egaging, which is the least one expects from Roman Polanski. It's hard to say what went wrong. It simply doesn't work.

194: "Notting Hill" Another movie that has problem knowing what leg it should stand on, and ends up being nothing. Neither great romance, nor great fun.

195: "Nurse Betty" Haven't seen. Obviously really interesting when I started hearing the rumours about it, and reading about the story etc. Then it came out, and the reception was kinda mixed, and by what they wrote, it felt uninteresting. Then, in the end, a good friend and really trustworthy, said it was great, so I bought it. Hmm.. maybe I should see it, so I know if I should throw it at him next time he comes here.. LOL

196: "O Brother, Where art thou?" Since the Coens are among my very favorite directors, since I saw "Blood Simple" for the first time, I couldn't wait to see this. Having that high expectations on a movie is always bad, and despite that, it completely blew me away. It does have some flaws, but in general, this is a real tour de force, and I quickly put the movie on my favorite list. Lots of fun, and at times pure magic that gives me goosebumps because it so great. Also a slight return to their intricate storytelling where things has a way to fit together in endless ways, which makes me feel so inadequate.

197: "The Opposite of Sex" Not a bad actor in sight, in a totally weird story with enough twists and turns to become fun in itself. Lots of fun, and it makes your heart jump of joy.

198: "The Outlaw Josey Wales" A real gem, that feels strangely realistic despite it's fun and adventurous nature. This is a big favorite among Clint Eastwood's movies.

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