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Sometimes it hurts so bad, I feel like crying

Hmm.. a lifetime piling up, or what..

Even if I doesn't treat myself the way one should. I do smoke, eat to much fat, and other unhealthy stuff, and even if I walk to and from work (about a mile), I'm not that much for moving myself too much..

But.. I've always been in good health. Others my age, or less, complain about all their pains etc.. The back aches, the stomach being ruined, and about everything else.

Actually, I've felt like some outsider.. But.. I've always said.. being some kind of hypocondric, that I'm sure someday, everything will come crashing down on me, and this seems to be the time..

Well.. First my toe gave up on me.. Hurting like hell when I walked, and that probably causing my foot to start hurting as well.. Then, suddenly it, basically, simply went away.. Not entirely. I still feel it a little..
Instead.. my belly started aching like hell.. As if something jabbed me with something sharp.. and got fever..
Gotta visit the doctor, and it's probably some inflammation of the/some intestine. A constant pain, with some really sharp pains thrown in for some good measure.. Mostly it feels like I'm in a real need to visit the toilet (without actually needing to).

What's next.. Popping a vessel in my brain, sitting on the toilet, trying to get something out that isn't there..

Nice.. Just read Stephen King's "Dreamcatcher" which is about some parasites growing in the belly of people, and eating of it, before eating it's way out.. Strange.. Kinda hard not to think about that.. lol

Well.. sometimes it do hurt so bad, I feel like crying.. Except that, if I do, it hurts even worse.. I can't laugh, cough or cry.. Let's fucking hope I doesn't get hick-ups.. THAT, would be the ultimate bad I guess.

Except being tired, it sucks trying to sleep, when you're in pain.

But.. I'm in quite a good mood despite that, for some reason..

Coolest site I've found lately:
Best cam-images I've seen, real good poses and ideas. And her site is interesting to read.

Gee.. There were something else I thought I would write about, but..
Well.. I knew it.. Foot, Belly and now memory is gone..

I guess I have to update when, and if, I remember it..

Remember (What someone has said. Don't remember who and where):
The like to tell you that the human race has evolved from the monkeys and getting closer to God. Who knows they don't evolve and gets closer to the devil. (It's not exactly as it runs, since I write it out of memory (or lack of).

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