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Just came home from being out photographing. Walked home from work, got the camera and went out photographing.. Took about 20 pics, but I'm happy if one turns out good, at least.

Was about the hardest thing one can ever photograph. It's completely dark outside, with a really heavy fog. It's hard even seeing something being about 50 - 100 yards away. But, it looked so great, walking down the street, with all the fog, and the streetlights (surrounded by a "halo" of fog) as soft light spots, shining on the yellow leafs of the maple trees.

Had to use the tripod and air-ball and shoot about 10 second exposures. With no real light, except the streetlights, it's extremely hard guessing how long time you need. Especially because of the high contrast between the dark trees and the bright streetlights, and of course, the fog screws things up too, since it's most likely to catch the light (before the trees does it).

It will be really interesting seeing what turns out of this..

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