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101: "Galaxy Quest" Got to be one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. It's so great!!!!

102: "The Game" Bought it only to have it in Widescreen, since the VHS was in Full Screen only. The story doesn't take off, and they're not able to really cover the fact that it's all the game. Never. That way, it never becomes the thriller it hopes to be. The ending must be second worst to Four weddings and a funeral.

103: "Ghost Dog" Haven't gotten around to see yet, but.. it's Jim Jarmush..

104: "Ghostbusters" Generally fun, even if it's slightly dated when it comes to FX, tempo etc.

105: "Gladiator" About the biggest turkey I've ever seen. Actually, the only reason I bought it, was because I had to see it again to make sure that I hadn't been mistaken. I saw it in London, right before I was suppose to go to the airport and fly home, and was pretty tired when I saw it. Haven't gotten around to see it in whole on DVD (But the DVD sure has the best sound of all the DVD's I've got, thanks to the DTS sound). It starts out with a battle that's totally confusing, Then is boring, boring and boring. Only good thing about it, is the 2 main Gladiator fights. Then, the Gladiator is SOOO heroic it really makes me sick.

106: "Glengarry Glen Ross" The total opposite of the Gladiator in every way, and what a great movie it is. If one wants to see exactly how great, late Jack Lemmon was, one only needs to see this movie.

107: "Gods and Monsters" Haven't gotten around seeing yet.

108: "Godzilla" It proves that, that German Film fan can't make movies if his life dependent on it. Exactly the same story, and flaws in storytelling, as "Independence Day", but actually I liked this a lot more. Mostly because a lot better cast (Jean Reno is God, as simple as that), and more interesting enemy.

109: "Good Will Hunting" Haven't seen.

110: "The Graduate" Simply one of the best movies ever done. Great music, great cast.

111: "Le Grand Bleu - Version Longue/The Big Blue - The Special Edition" Actually, I'm not sure the long version improves anything over the the shorter, International Version, but it sure doesn't take anything away from the the atraction of the movie. Jean Reno is God, as I said. When I saw this in the theaters, the short version. When it ended. The whole cinema was dead silent. Everybody being so touched by it. Usually, the moment the end credits appear, people doesn't know how fast they will collect their things and rush for the doors, but.. this time, all just sat there. It took some time before, it felt, people woke up and slowly and silently started to leave. Only time ever, I've experienced that in a cinema.

112: "The Green Mile" Haven't gotten around seeing, and, honeslty, is a touch afraid seeing, due to having read the books as well as loves "The Shawshank Redemption".

113: "Gregory's Girl" Bill Forsyth is one of my favorite directors. At least was until he "lost it". This and "That Sinking Feeling" was basically made for very little money with an "amateur theatre company", but that doesn't show. Really, really funny and touching.

114: "Grosse Pointe Blank" Fun.

115: "Groundhog Day" The best Romantic Comedy ever, with the most brilliant and witty script I've ever seen.

116: "Halloween H2O" Haven't seen. Not that big fan of the Halloweeen movies, even if the first is OK. Bought the DVD because I'm was curious about it, with Williamson having written the screenplay etc. But waited until I could get it at half price.

117: "Hard Rain" Passable. Totally unoriginal, but.. one can see it.

118: "Heavy Metal 2000" Haven't seen, except the documentaries on the DVD.

119: "Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer" Has been curious about it, since it has gotten fav reviews, and when it came out as half price, I bought it. Still haven't seen it tho.

120: "Hercules" Disney. One of their best ones. This movie rocks. Was interested the moment I saw it was the theme behind "Aladdin" (Disney's funniest) having done it. (Disney has basically 2 or 3 teams developing movies. This one does the fun ones, while another team does the serious ones, such as Beauty and the Beast, Lion King and The Huchback of Notre Dame)

121: "Hideos Kinky" Interesting story, but ultimately disappointing.

122: "Highlander II - The Quickening (Renegade Version)" I've always kinda loved Highlander II thanks to Sean Connery being so good in it, and Christophe Lambert a good partner to it, even if the movie as such is.. weird.

123: "His Girl Friday" One of the best comedies ever.

124: "The Hitcher" The best thriller ever made. This is the kind of thrillers I love. Suggestive, when you sit and wait, and wait and wait, for the "monster" to jump on the screen. Really intense as well. Just perfect!!!

125: "Hollow Man" I've always liked Veerhoeven a lot, but.. this.. About the most disappointing movie I've ever seen. Alien, without originality and action.

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