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Well.. I've been lazy.. things has gotten in the way, etc..

First, 2 updates:

87: "Election" Haven't seen. Bought it mostly because it stars Reese Witherspoon, and is supposed to be nasty fun.

88: "Excalibur" Adaption of one of my favorite books, Le Mort d'Arthur, by Sir Thomas Malory. Can't really capture the spirit of the book, but.. out of a lot of stories, they've done pretty good at capturing the heart of it..

Ok.. F -

89: "The Fabulous Baker Boys" Real nice little drama about "longing", with some really fun moments. Note: Michelle Pfeiffer is credited with a song.

90: "Face/Off" The story as such isn't that hot, neither is Nicolas Cage (who simply isn't fit for action-driven movies which needs some distance), but it's almost always nice seeing a John Woo-movie..

91: "Fallen" A nice surprise. When I bought it, I had no idea what it was, but, for some reason I ordered it.. Interesting story, and John Goodman is just great.

92: "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" Terry Gilliam and Johnny Depp. Extremely uneven movie, that in the end doesn't accomplish much. At times, extremely hilarious tho, and most ot the time; entertaining.

93: "Field of Dreams" Lots of sugar, but.. well.. it warms the heart. Most likely the last good movie Kevin Costner ever did, it seems.

94: "Fight Club" Have only seen parts of it..

95: "Final Destination" Originally intended as an "X-Files" episode, and it's easy to spot the Mulder/Scully characters (as well as what it would've looked like as X-files), but turned down, expanded as a movie. Pure entertainment most of the time. There's few times they've been able to make the deaths as funny as in this movie... Everybody lowing the X-files, will love this, I think.

96: "Four Weddings and a Funeral" Mostly very funny, but.. too much of the humour is based on "embarrising moments", such as saying/doing things you shouldn't do, and that's not the kind of humour that attracts me that much. It also must have the absolutely worst ending any movie in the history of movies has had.

97: Freeway Amanda Plummer and Reese Witherspoon. 2 of my favorite actresses in the same movie. As a movie, it could've been better tho, since it very much lacks a point.

98: "The Frighteners" Well.. I like Michael Fox quite a lot. He might not have done the greatest movies, but he sure has made a lot of movies that's harmless entertainment. This one, among the more entertaining he has done.

99: "The Fugitive" I think I bought this, for one reason alone. Julianne Moore is in it for 20 seconds. Well.. The first "act" is good. All the way until he takes the dive from the dam. After that it's among the worst crap I've ever seen.

100: "The Full Monty" Way too mainstream, but most of the time charming and some innocent fun. Think it would have been better if they'd dare getting some edge to it with some more "tragedy" in it, to balance out the fun. "Brassed Off" must be seen in the same category of movies, and shares a lot of with it, but is so much better.

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