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Many many hugs, and thanks to doeadear. Much, much love!

Hmm.. I'm in pain, stupid me!!!! There's some kind of plastic grating next to the floor of refrigirator/freezer, and it's loose, since I cleaned underneath there last time.. and, it stands up most of the time, but occassionally it falls down, which it had now.. and when I went there to get milk or whatever, I hit my foot at it, real hard.. Enough to rip up a large part of skin.. Slightly bigger than a nickel I think.. I'm happy it was only skin, if thick, and not enough to make me start bleeding real hard.. (Probably would've needed a hospital and some stiches then). It doesn't ache that bad, but.. it's right underneath the foot, so.. naturally.. it hurts like hell when I step on it.. darn, darn, darn!!! :(

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