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Hmm.. far from a complete list, but.. these are the movies I know of, that I'm curious about..

It's never set that I will see them etc, that way I can't say: This is the ones I want to see.. But.. they seem interesting, and.. if they go on sounding interesting, after I know more about them, I'll see them...

"Lord of the Rings" (Of course). It looks good, but.. it's one of the best books I've read, and.. well.. it needs to be real good, to be able to "feel" good..

"From Hell" Johynn Depp and Heather Graham.. I'm not a big fan of the Hughes brothers, but.. well..

"Bandits" I really love Barry Levinson's pictures.. Most of them at least, and this has an interesting story, and great cast.

"The Man Who Wasn't There" Joel & Ethan COEN!!!!! Another movie about heads!! All their movies are about heads, in some way or another..

"Killing me softly" Kinda ? about.. but it features Heather Graham.. Interesting concept, which could be nice to see in a chinese director's hand.. Depends a little about what the theme, point, of it is..

"Vanilla Sky" May be toooooo romantic, to be really interesting..

"Amélie" The movie that got the whole of France to rush to the theaters, and what I've read about it, it's sleezy good!

"Ocean's Eleven" Steve Soderbergh! Even if he still has to live up to "sex, lies & videotapes", he's always interesting.

"Gosford Park" Hmm.. me and Robert Altman.. Well.. not a big fan, still.. it's interesting, and I want to see them.. even if.. after Dr T & the women.. I kinda lost all faith.. Absolutetly great cast..

"Monsters, Inc" Toy Story 2 is just great. Pixar knows how to make great movies, and the trailer is promising.

"Riding in Cars with Boys" Penny Marshall.. She's a huge favorite. Interesting theme for a movie, even if it sounds miserable. Let's hope they kinda treat it nicely, and not did it following the rule-book..

"Windtalkers" Don't like war-movies, too much heroics for my taste etc, but.. It's directed by John Woo.

"The Shipping News" Julianne Moore, and directed by Swedish director Lasse Hallström. Now, I don't like his movie that much, except My life as a dog, and 3 he made in Sweden before. In Hollywood, he's become too much sugar-sweet..

Gangs of new York" Scorsese. Historic gangster, with Cameron Diaz (Likes her), and a great cast in general.

"My First Mister" Interesting concept, and it would be nice to see what Christine Lathi (who's one of the greatest actresses living today) does behind the camera. She has nice ideas in general, as I've read in interviews with her.

"K-Pax" I love Starman, and this seems to be the "sequel", interestingly with Jeff Bridges on the other side in this one. If they keep it "real" and don't make it "too big, beautiful etc", might be interesting.

"The One" The real deal, when it comes to martial arts movies, it seems. Done by all the people that has made the stuff that makes your jaw drop, in various movies.. Jet Li (Lethal Weapon), Fight director Corey Yuen (X-Men) and the director of Final Destination.

"Waking Life" Great idea. Have the actors act the whole movie, and then animate them, to create the "reality" they wanted.

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