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Feelin' better

Darn.. I must be feelin' a lot better in mood.. Only a couple of weeks ago, I was so tired, but now it seems I'm back to my normal hours.. Staying up until 6 am etc..
Feels kinda good.

Did a lot of work on my site yesterday.. The most problematic pages. The ones with a lot of images etc. I use a program that uses Master pages. That is. You create a master page. Then you create the pages from that master page in order to get the same look through a lot of pages. I know you're not supposed to do it that way, but usually I create a whole master page out of a "real" page (Make Master) That means I get images and text on the master. Good at times, bad at others. When You change a lot of pages, you basically has to save the old page in memory, make it the new master, then paste it back in, which means everything comes on top of everything else. Then you need to erase the pic of the master, and use the one you're suppose to use, as well as copy and paste every text into the text-fields of the master. Lots of work..
Then, of course.. I need to change the style etc, of every single word etc.

Also played a lot of The Sims yesterday. Used the roomies out of the ones avaible inside the game. Was actually nice having two people, even if it got kinda screwed up with them working entirely different times.. One getting the car-pool at 8 am, the other 4 am. That meant that one came home only an hour before the other were supposed to leave.. Sure screws up the relationship between the two. I got them just fine tho.. Hmm.. Since it was two girls.. hmm.. Yay.. some lesbian action there.. lol
Funny how men and women works differently in the game. With the WC, you always has the option of Flushing with the women, but that's not an option with the men, for some reason etc.

Kinda mixed about the game still.. I do prefer Sim City before it. With The Sims, you do have it the same day in and day out... At the same time.. it's a great time-killer.. Once you start, and takes it seriously, you do get kinda stuck.. It's the same with Sim City, but that's funnier, and more frustrating, because a lot more different things happens, and you end up not doing the same all the time.. More options...

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