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Hmm.. it's so easy to get to Stockholm, physically, from where I live.. To actually get going, seems far harder..

Now, this post is kinda mostly for me(mory), Evilshell and Anniz, who I know have wandered those streets..

Well.. no problem getting to Stockholm.. took train.. Kinda like that.. just go on it, relax and see the landscape.. It's kinda cosy going on a train, and.. I sure love it..

Well.. Went through the tunnel, towards T-Centralen, but turned left and up at Klarabergsgatan... First stop the Multimedia department in †hlŠns.. They've got DVDs, VHS, PC/MAC/Playstation stuff etc.. Bought "The Sims - Livin' Large Expansion Pack", and "His Girl Friday" on DVD (One of the best comedies ever made). Well.. They had "MylŠne Farmer - The Videos" on DVD there, import.. and they wanted 649 SEK ($60.75) for it.. which is really ridiculous. The normal price for a DVD, in general, is about 240 SEK ($22.50). Now, I think she has among the best videos ever done in the world. The 17 min 30 sec long "Douces" is a masterpiece.. "Sans Logique" simply wonderful. And I have all those on VHS anyway..

Then went along the edge of Sergels Torg to Mega, which was a disappointment.. Well.. they're turning worse and worse all the time... Having less and less stuff, and it's harder and harder finding your way around the store. Ended up buying 2 David Lindley CDs tho.. David Lindley and Wally Ingram - "Twango Bango Deluxe" and David Lindley + Hani Naser - "Live in Tokyo". Really love David Lindley.. By far my favorite guitar player, thanks to having feeling like few, and, of course, always bringing joy to the heart. Most Guitar Players has sold their soul to the devil, but David Lindley seems to have God on his side.. "det sv„nger som f†" (don't know how to translate that).

Went over to "Gallerian" and Press Stop, but didn't find anything interesting.. For some reason I seems to have lost most interest in magazines.. Always bought about 10 every month some year ago.. Premiere, Empire, Total Film, DVD Review, Playboy, Q, MacFormat etc.. Now it's basically only Premiere, Celebrity Sleuth, Widescreen Review and DVD Review that interests me..

From "Gallerian" it's not that long way over to NK.. Directly up to the DVDs, of course.. They don't have as much DVDs as †hlŠns, but they sure had far more interesting ones.. Could've bought 10 DVDs there, at least, but ended up with only 2.. cheapish.. I know.. LOL.. "The Night of The Hunter" which is one of the best movies ever done.. Then bought "Matevan", but I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep it or not.. There's someone I know, who used to work in the local cinema, which I talk a lot about movies with, and he likes that movie a lot, and most of John Sayles' movies. I do like him to some degree.. Interesting, and "Matevan" sure is good.. I know that, if I don't wanna keep it, he's gonna buy it.. To some degree, I bought it for him, as in.. I wouldn't have bought it myself, but now.. when I've done it.. it's gonna be kinda hard parting with it.. The more I think about it, the more I want to keep it, actually.. At least, now I know that it's avaible and what product number etc it has, so either he or I could order it..

Went to Filmstaden Sergel (A huge Multiplex Cinema) to see if it wasn't time for one of the movies I wanted to see.. Not really. I was mostly interested in "A.I.", and it was some time before it started.. Actually, decided, since they had listings of all their cinemas, to see it in another.. They began at about the same time.. so, as I said.. had some time.. Decided to walk over to the other, despite it being on the "south", and me being in the "north".. Walked "Drottninggatan" down, past Sveriges Riksdag (the Swedish Parliament), and may have ended up on TV. There were a car from TV 4's News, and SVT's News, and they were interviewing someone, and I walked past just behind that person.. being in my own thoughts, I didn't even notice before I had passed them.. "Gamla Stan" (Old City). Walked down "V„sterl†nggatan", the street of my hatred in Stockholm. The main reason being that it's the main tourist street, and in the summer, there's tons of people on it.. I who knows where I'm headed, gets kinda irritated that I can't keep up the speed, with lots of whimsical people everywhere, strolling along from one side of the street to the other, not knowing where they're headed etc, and always seems to get in my way.. LOL. Also, being a tourist street, they've got lots of really lousy shops along it.. Today was ok tho.. not that many people, and most being on their way somewhere.. and.. listen up Evilshell, I did find the Science-Fiction bookstore.. was in and had a look, but it was very brief, and didn't see much of interest.. (and sorry, didn't say hello to them from you.. ). Went on, past "Slussen", up the "G”tgatsbacken", gee it's steep.. to "Medborgarplatsen" and Filmstaden S”der Moviecity South), and bought a ticket for A.I.. The walk had been faster than I thought, and had some time going to the Burger King nextdoors and have a Double Cheeseburger with Bacon, Fries and Coca-Cola and a mid-size Chocolate Shake. Being real nice weahter, I was stupid enough to sit outside, and constantly had lots of birds around me, hoping to get some of my food (as if). Kinda un-nerving having four birds on a line, on the backrest of the bench on the other side of the table staring at me all the time..

"A.I.". Don't know what to say. Now I knew practically everything about the movie before, the whole story etc, and what people thing of it, which made it kinda impossible to relax and see the movie with new eyes. It was extremely well done, felt a lot shorter than it's 2 hrs 26 mins. Some really amazing stuff. Think it was kinda good that Stanley Kubrick didn't do it, since it would have been too cold. At the same time, Steven Spielberg aren't the most daring director, and kinda played it too safe at times.. Not sure who I'd have preferred making the movie.. Tim Burton probably could have made it a really grim tale, but I'm not sure he would have been able to get all the "questions" it asks, in there..

After the movie, I walked back basically the same way.. taking "Stora Nygatan" instead of "V„sterl†nggatan" through "Gamla Stan". Walking over "Riksbron" was wonderful. The sun setting behind "Stadshuset", as you looked across the bridges and "Riddarfj„rden", colouring the sky a nice orange. Just lovely.
Spent some time looking through the Multimedia department at †hlŠns again, until they closed. Bought "Election" on DVD. Had seen it before, but it was very expensive (It seems Paramount sets a really high price on their DVDs), but.. had money, and.. being curious about the movie, since it's said to be real good, and starring one of my favorites, Reese Witherspoon, and couldn't resist buying it...

1 hour 25 mins until the train home.. Actually, decided between one leaving Stockholm at 7.25 pm and 8.25 pm, and took the later one, thinking I might have been able to see a movie that ended about 8, but there were none (at least none that interested me). Now, I could've taken the 7.25 one.. but.. who knew? Hmm.. bought some stuff, Yoghurt, chocolate milk and candy, at Konsum at T-centralen. For some reason, I always seems to shop there.. The nice thing is that it's got regular prices there, and it being very close to the railway station.. Makes sense buying stuff there.. Didn't have Pepsi, so I went into "Pressbyr†n" (about the same as a Seven-eleven) and bought that and the UK Music Mag "Q", before going out to the place the train should leave.. and it was late.. Instead of 8.25, it didn't arrive until about 8.40, and didn't leave until 8.59.. 34 mins late.. hmm.. Never gonna go with X2000 again, those trains (comfortable and fast) always seems to be late, for some reason. Far more than the regular InterCity trains at least..

Well.. after that, it wasn't any problems.. Except that I got really scared once.. fell asleep on the train, and when I woke up, I wasn't entirely sure were we were. At first, I had a nagging suspicion that I woke up right after leaving the place where I were supposed to stop.. but.. it was ok.. but.. it was only like 15 - 20 mins before we were there..

Well.. what can I say.. They've got tons of stuff I want down there, and it would ruin me if I went there more often.. still, I prefer going to movies down there.. I'm sure a majority of the last 10 - 15 movies I've seen in a movie theater, I've seen in Stockholm. The reason being that they've got really great places there, with big screens, THX-certified, and every digital sound system you throw at them.. Dolby Digital EX, DTS, SDDS... And is able to have the sound at 100 dB, full range etc.. Don't have that many places around here having that. That way, I prefer going down there to see "technical" movies, such as The Matrix, Star Wars etc.. Of course, they also show a lot of movies that they'll never ever show around here.. Peter Greenaway, Jim Jarmush etc..

Well.. now I'm tired, and think I'm gonna head for bed..

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