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What type of Flirt am I?

So, did you hear the one about the funny flirt? You probably have, because it's you! Being a Silly Flirt, you know that laughter is often the quickest way to someone's heart. Your conversations with "potentials" are always peppered with the latest jokes and catchphrases, and you'll do anything Ñ including humiliating yourself Ñ to get the object of your affection to crack a smile. Just make sure that your quest for yuks doesn't blind you to other flirting approaches. You don't want to be stuck in "pal" purgatory. Sometimes a soft brush on the arm or a lingering look wins more points than even the funniest story. A little directness could take you a long way. Still, until you're ready to expand your act, it's great to keep 'em laughing.

Ok, so it's because I'm shy, but.. scaringly accurate in a sense.. even if I don't flirt consiously.. as in.. I love hang around with girls, and I do most to make them have a great time, but not with the purpose of winning their liking..

eMode - What type of Flirt Are You?

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