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Hmm.. still evil? Did it again..

Are You Evil?

good evil

Nope, not a drop of evil in you. In fact, you're ridiculously good. Reach around the wings and pat yourself on the back. Instead of tripping old ladies, you help them cross the street. You think about others' feelings constantly, and you use your sexual power for good, not evil. Sheesh Ñ we're guessing that every person you've ever met has taken advantage of you in some way. Naw, just kidding! When you get right down to it, it's people like you who make the world a better place. You're just the sort of person we want taking care of our children. In the figurative high school yearbook of life, all your friends sign, "Stay sweet, have a great summer!" Keep reading for more details on your not-so-evil nature.

In the bedroom, you don't have an evil bone in your body Ñ well maybe one, but ... aw, never mind. The moral lessons you learned as a child really stuck Ñ we have a sneaking suspicion you're still haunted by the ghost of your parents' first sex lecture ("Heavy petting won't make you popular"). In bed, you're as generous as they come Ñ you always put your partner's needs ahead of yours. And your bedroom is a sacred temple. Overall, you're an enlightened sexual wonder. Just remember, it's okay to go nuts on your birthday.

Okay, admit it Ñ sometimes you'd rather avoid face-to-face conflict. Now, was telling us that to our face so hard? No. Being up front about any concerns as soon as you have them, rather than letting them build up and turn into, say, a tire-slashing incident, is a good thing. And it sure beats getting a reputation as someone with a taste for revenge. Sure, you probably wouldn't make a very good bouncer, but that's okay. Take comfort from the fact that, overall, we think you're just swell.

You've got a golden heart, not a black one. Your respect for other people, nature, and the whole darn planet makes you a shining example of what we all could be if we just cared a little more. You're like a walking, talking Disney movie. But remember, sometimes it's healthy to punch a pillow, crush a bug, or turn down a request to drive a friend to the airport. Not only is a little black-heartedness normal, it's also (gasp!) fun.

Hmm.. either I was in a bad mood the last time, or I lied through my teeth this time..

eMode - Are you Evil?

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