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I don't know what it is, if it's the sunshine, spring, something I ate or didn't eat.. Those painkillers I took contained something highly illegal or what.. but.. I've been in a really great mood today... Worked night, which means I usually go and have a nap before.. Did that yesterday, woke up at 9 pm as usual.. Worked, and felt very awake the whole night.. Especially when I walked home.. A couple degrees below the freezing point, and just perfect.. The sun having made it up in the sky.. Birds were singing.. At 5.45 am a saturday morning, not that many cars or people out.. Extremely peaceful.
When I got home, I surfed.. Checking out Yahoo Clubs (I'm in a lot of clubs, mostly Individual Webcams and Models Categories). If you want a great starting point for free surfing, Yahoo Groups is it. You find a club, check out the profile of some of the members.. find they've got their own club as well, as their homepage.. I ended up at, which is a great cam-page with lots of cams, which had to be looked at.. and of course, looking through their homepages and their Yahoo Clubs.. (lol) etc, etc, etc..
Actually, when it was 10 am, I had to quit the computer and go to bed. Not because I was tired or anything... Simply knew I had to get some sleep.. Woke up at 2 pm.. Continued working on the re-design of my homepage, chatted some.. before going to the store to get some groceries.. and.. It was then, when walking there (only 3-4 min walk) that I haven't felt this great or alert in a long time.. Came home, ate a Tuna Salad and had some tea before going to get my before-work nap.. Didn't became much of a nap, since I couldn't fall asleep.. I wonder if this is gonna carry on over the night, or if I'm gonna fall down dead..
Well.. it's great feeling this way, as long as it lasts at least..

Of course.. thanks to Alexis and Leann, for being such great girls to chat with. Even if I were in a great mood before chatting with you, you sure make it even better.. Hugs!!!

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