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from Magikgrrl via Evilshell

What food(s) do you hate enough to pick it out of your dinner and leave it in a pathetic little pile on your plate?
French (string) bean
What is your favorite setup for reading (place, time, etc.)?
I prefer to be in bed, but can read in most places.
Name two things you like to mix together and eat or drink
Bananas and Ice Cream
Name a texture that really pleases you
Velvet.. so smooth Brushed cotton.
Name one person who could drop right off the face of the Earth without its bothering you in the slightest!
dunno.. nobody I know, at least..
Do you like Christmas (if your culture doesn't celebrate Christmas, substitute the biggest state or religious holiday you have instead) -- why or why not?
I like the idea of Christmas, and it's kinda special time, kinda reminding you of how this world should be all the time. But, I don't celebrate it as such.
What's your favorite daydream?
Moving to Hollywood and make movies..
If you had to live your next life as a non-human animal, which animal would you pick?
If you could obliterate one invention from human history, which one would you choose?
Everything that makes it easy killing other people
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Storyteller or Journalist
Name any irrational fears you have.
Those dark corners in a room.. and what might hide there..
If you had to pull up sticks and relocate to another place (real or fictional) for the rest of your life, where would it be?
My dreamhouse, probably built out in the countryside, but maximum 20 mins from a city where I can get magazines, DVDs, CDs of my choise. I think I'd love London.
What's a childhood toy you still enjoy playing with?
None, but I'd love to have this huge toy railroad with lots of tracks, roads, houses etc.
Name a smell associated with a memory for you -- and the memory. as well.
I have to say Hay, and the summers spent at my Grandparent's farm
What's your favorite piece of clothing, and why?
T-shirts, since it's about the most allround piece of clothing. As for a T-shirt, the one I'm wearing now: Alien Trilogy (With the "logos" for the 3 first Alien movies.
Name one sound that gets the hell on your nerves.
the drip from a tap, or that sound you hear after you went to bed, can't figure out what the hell it was, and have to go up and investigate.
Do you play the lottery (or other games of chance)?
What's your favorite thing about your house or apartment.
That it's on the ground-floor and that most things aren't that far away from me.
If you're really upset, what do you do to calm down?
Spend some time with it occupying my mind.. until I can't bother anymore.. sometimes I write about it, making my view clear.
What's a skill or talent you lack that you'd love to have?
Playing piano.

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