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Better start posting some of the stuff I wrote on that note to myself.. (And thanks Giggles.. I love you!!!)

What I wonder is if one is forever stuck being a certain way, or if it's possible to change.. become somebody else (without drugs, or get a split personality).

There's a couple of things people always say I am.. Nice, friendly, talented, that I'm really good at writing/treating the language (and they all say I've got great eyes too.. )

I could add that I'm very open about myself, and very honest..

People has said this for a lot of years.. and continue saying exactly that..

Why are you so nice to me? You're so nice! etc etc..

Now, of course, I don't say.. now I'm gonna say something nice etc.. I say what I feel like saying.. what I really think.. without any intentions about it.. and.. well.. it comes naturally.. That way, it's always as big surprise when somebody says.. oh, it's so nice of you saying that.., and I'm like.. Why, what.. eh?? Oh, it was??? I have absolutely no clue!!!!

I wonder, if I'm nice by nature.. as in it being a part of my personality.. am I "stuck" with it.. I've been nice for 15 years.. and probably before. Am I gonna be that for the rest of my life as well..

What about those that's mean, etc..

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