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15 mins of fame to everyone.. that's why they've created all these docu-soaps/dramas.. (Big Brother, Survivor etc)

The new one, in Sweden, this year (The Swedish company Strix, is among the biggest in the world when it comes to developing these.. They were the first to buy the idea of "Robinson", or "Survivor" as it's know around the world, and develop it. They made something out of the idea (and it showed in Sweden some 2 years before USA), and thus have the rights, and now is making tons of money selling it to other countries). As I was starting.. The new, big one, this year is: "Farmen" (The Farm). Some people are placed on a 19th century-style farm, with no electricity, running water etc. Think they've only got, basically, potatos for 2 weeks or something for food. They're supposed to take care of that farm, and get food etc.. Something like that..

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