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There's tons of stuff I should do.. but then, of course, I got a novel, a good one too, in my hands and.. well..

I guess it had been better if I hadn't been feeling so weird, the last couple of days.. Way tired, way unmotivated.. I've been sitting in front of the computer, not knowing what to do, not feeling like doing anything... but go to sleep. Or read..
When I've been reading, I've been kinda too tired to really turn that many pages..
Also having the nagging feeling at the back of my head that I've got tons of stuff to do, and I'd better get started.. some kind of evil circle.. a moment 22.

Stephen King - Dreamcatcher.. I'm about halfway through.. Page 320 of the 617.
It's about some UFO crashing in the woods of Maine.. and how it affects the people there.. and.. it's a page-turner adventure. You know.. when you want to turn the pages to see what happens..

That's one quality I like a lot with Stephen King.. at times, with The Stand or Dolores Claiborn, that it's also really great stories, that stays in your mind..
Another part that I've always liked about King, is the way he's able to describe things in a very easy and down-to-earth manner...

"Henry glanced at his watch and saw that it had stopped at twenty till twelve. It was now Eastern Standard No Time At All"

(Somebody having been in an accident and later are able to remember what happened)
"Mr. EMT bends over what is essentially a dead body, and holy fuck he died in the ambulance! Why did no one ever tell him that he died in the fucking ambulance? Did they think that maybe he wouldn't be interested, that maybe he'd just go Ho-hum, been there, done that, got the the tee-shirt?"

(In a "dream" where he encounters one of the aliens, the Gray People, in a hospital)
"As Jonsey approaches the gray thing with the sheet pulled up to its narrow hairless chest, he sees there is a single get-well card on the bedtable. FEEL BETTER SOON! is printed above a cartoon picture of a sad-looking turtle with a Band-Aid on its shell. And below the picture: FROM STEVEN SPIELBERG AND ALL YOUR PALS IN HOLLYWOOD.
This is a dream, full of dream's tropes and in-jokes, Jonsey thinks, Jonsey thinks, but knows better."

Now, I'm far from sure what to do.. Go back to bed, it's ho-hum.. 7.35 am here.. been up for an hour already.. having my morning cup of TEA, and fooling around with the computer some.. and continue reading the book.. or should I actually do some good stuff, as work with my site, which needs a major re-design.. But it's no fun... The menu-page looks awful the way it is now.. but.. I don't have a clue what I should do.. except put up a sign there that says.. CREATIVE DESIGNER NEEDED.. should have a heart, and like hearts..

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