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Chapter 1,315 - How God thought it was time for some fireworks

Went to town to get back the tyre I handed in yesterday. An action I had to do, since the tire in question refused to behave like a normal tyre and actually keep the air.

Went to Åhlèns first where I bought the book "The Perfume" by Patrick Süskind, since it was 50% off the sale price (Got a hardcover version of it for 24.50 SEK / $3, "28 Days Later" on DVD as well as "Grand Turismo 4" for my PS2.

Then I headed to the Tyre company and I saw lightning, and towards the west the sky was getting awfully dark. Got my tyre then headed to the store to buy some food. When I'd payed and was gonna make my way back to the car, it had started to rain. A lot, but not totally bad. Made it to the car without getting soaked, at least. Didn't made it long before the sky pulled into overdrive, making it really hard to see much. When I made it home, it was raining so much I decided to just turn off the engine and wait for the worst to pass before I made the effort of running out to open the garage door.

While I was sitting there, there was lightning with the thunder coming essentially the same time. Geeez! Not even when watching fireworks, I've heard the bang as fast after the bomb have exploded. It was that instant. It was so close to the lightning I didn't notice if the car did it then, but the next thunder actually made the car to rock.

Impressive.. :)
Tags: shopping, thunder, weather

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