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Chapter 1,306 - How I conciously poisoned myself

Even if I've been home from work one week already, having a week off according to my schedule, most, including me, start our 4 weeks of vacation tomorrow. That way we had a "summerparty" at work yesterday. Went to a beach on the other side of the lake here, very popular place in the summer, and they do have a restaurant and camping and all that there.

Now, the weather wasn't that good, so when we arrived there at 4 p.m. there weren't a lot of people there. We had dinner, which was fairly good. Not the best I've had, but.. on the better side.

After that we just hang out on their terrace, chatting and drinking... Just relaxing and having fun.

I'll tell you.. it's not that good when the woman, one of them, serving in the bar have a very interesting look. I wouldn't say she's drop-dead gorgeous, but fairly attractive, and for sure someone I'd like to try to photograph. Became a touch too many visits to the bar, that way :( (Ok.. that was helped by the fact that they had very colourful Xider drinks there. Got me curious, so I tried a green one.. (Cactus and Lime), and that one was good. But.. then I had to try the red one (Mandarin/Chili) and the Yellow (Pine/??) one as well.. to see which one was the best.. Guess I should be happy they only had 3 colours, instead of the whole range of them :-p

Didn't drink that much.. in all.. 1 glass of red wine with the food, 4 beers (strong) and those 3 Xiders. But I very rarely drink (never seem to have neither time nor point), so it did have effect.

Did chat with ljuvefreya (I just had to check to see if it was readable :-p, but I only had misspelled 3 words.. the strange thing is that all had with countries to do.. writing "dansksan" instead of "danskan" (Danish), and "Svergie" / "Sverige" (Sweden) as well as "Engleskan" /"Engelskan" (The English). Funny.. ). But, had to go to bed fairly early, because I was so tired. Hadn't went to bed until 5 a.m. or something like that, and woke up way before I intended, before going away to the party etc.

Woke up this morning, and I have felt better. Probably a combination of the food and the drink, actually. Didn't had as much hang-over as I my stomach was upset. The food had been very hot etc, so I do think it kinda set a little spin on the stomach. Sort of similar to when I've had a really hot Pizza or Kebab or something. Not that good when you've been drinking too. Were able to get back to sleep tho, and slept really long. At least woke up in time for Tour de France on TV :). Slightly too undramatic. I really suffered yesterday, because I had to leave right when things started to happen. But, I'm impressed with Armstrong. It's not that he's best as such. It's the way he's in full control. Sort of, doesn't matter what the others do, he just goes along. There's nobody "important" that can leave him in the dust. He's always there, no matter what they try to come up with.

Anyway.. Before I went home yesterday, I was out on the beach and saw how pretty it was with the sky and the calm lake, so I had to pull out my mobile/cell and take a picture of it.. I became fairly satisfied with how the image turned out, despite only using the phone as well as not being entirely sober when I took it.

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