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Chapter 1,303 - How does one spend time when caught in the rain

Photograph, of course :)

Went to town today.. Got "Photography Monthly", which in my view is the best general photography magazine.

Went to Åhlèns and bought 2 CDs as well.. Found a 2-CD on sale: "Black *Classics* Party" sith everything from Ice-T, Salt'n'Pepa to Barry White, Diana Ross and The Temptations. Really seems like a decent collection with "proper" artists etc.. and getting it for $5 isn't bad (Original price being $32, which is a touch high price since Åhlèns aren't known for their low prices). The I got the new The Black Eyed Peas' album "Monkey Business" (Really like "Don't Phunk with my heart". Really wanted the single, but they didn't have it, so I ended up buying the album instead.

They have a new, really sweet looking girl there. Might be interesting to photograph, but I'm not sure. She's good looking, and probably would work well in photos, but she's kind of "not my style". (Tricky to explain, but it have to do with the kind of portraits I usually take and how well she would fit in that kind of portraits).

Lately I've been noticing a lot of details in people, for some reason. I generally look at the general features, but.. when I was at the dentist not long ago, she had the most awesome eyes I've ever noticed. Just the look of them. The shape, the eyebrows etc. Then the girl that cut my hair, beside the colour of her hair, she had a really great looking nose.

Now I haven't really looked that close on the girl at Åhlèns, it's more about the general features as I said. Her "style". With both the dentist and the hairdresser, I was really close to give them compliments, but didn't, but the girl at Åhléns had a really neat bracelet and I just told her that, and I think she really got both surprised and very happy, because she said "Thanks" really loud, surprised and emphasis.. (She sort of sounded as if it's a bracelet she really love herself, and became happy that someone else noticed it).

When I left Åhlèns it had started to rain. Was in the air, and I just hoped that I would make it back home before it started. There were some thunder too, I think. I'm not really bothered by rain, but I had my camera and don't want to get it drenched, but made it halfway across town before the roofs ended, and it really started to rain. The kind of rain that bounce off the ground and creates small floods in the streets..

Caught under that roof, I thought it was a great opportunity to try to photograph the rain. Was kinda cool because where I stood, it was like a waterfall coming off the roof as it flooded..

Tried different times.. Fast exposure and long, to either capture the drops or the streaming water..

Tags: photography, rain, weather

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