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Chapter 1,302 - How I think about the seasons.. and feel like crawling into the fridge

f_l_i_r_t asked about the seasons in her journal, and this was my reply. Thought it became "good" enough to post here as well, since it describes my feelings about the seasons, and how life is in Sweden, to a degree.

Those are so different, up here in Sweden, it's tricky to say which one, one prefers, because there's bad and good with all..

Winter, up here, can be totally awesomely beautiful. Really fairy tale beauty. It's also nice, because it calm things down, in some sense. Snow dampens sounds etc, so it can feel extremely peaceful as well.. It's also neat that the darkness and snow etc, sort of isolate you. It's really nice to sit down with some tea or chocolate, lit candles, with the dark outside etc. You can relax in an automatic way, by it. Hard to describe.
At the same time, of course.. it's cold, it's snowy and all. Everything becomes a struggle. You need to go to the store, and it takes 15 mins just to get dressed to get outside. Everything feel as if it has to be planned, which make you tend to do less.

Spring. Generally don't like that at all. It's muddy, the snow disappear and leave naked trees and hedges. Everything's grey. One day it can be rain, the next hot and snow the day after. Creating false hopes, make it impossible to know how to dress etc. At the same time, of course, it's neat that the light returns and it's getting warmer, and later in spring/pre-summer, it starts feeling great, with trees starting to become green etc.

Summer. "Summertime, and the livin' is easy" as it says in the song. Up here, it's bright more or less the day round, which really feels good. It's easy to be impulsive, since you don't have to dress really, and it's easy to just get on a bike or in the car and go somewhere on a whim. Girls wear minimalistic clothing. Everything's green and beautiful. Love it. At the same time, it can be really warm and I hate that. With cold, you can always protect yourself, but with heat.. there's no escape, really..

Autumn. Wonderful colours (my favorites) and it can be neat warmth. There's mist. While naked trees in the spring creates a dull grey look, in the autumn it's a more dramatic grey, with more contrast in it. As with winter, the darkness helps you to isolate yourself, to close in, which make it easy to think. Autumn can be really romantic, especially with the mist and light raining. Of course, there's always storms (even if that can be counted as dramatic and sort of cosy if you're inside, as well). It's muddy, and a lot of days it can just be a dull, dark grey "everywhere"..

I love living in a country where we have 4 such distinct seasons, but if I had to make a choice, I'd prefer more of summer, because it's hard to to feel that it goes on too long, while the other seasons can become a touch tedious in the long run..

I'm starting my summer off today.. (We have 5 weeks paid vacation in Sweden, but most usually only use 4 of those in the summer). Technically speaking, I've not starting my vacation yet, since they don't close down the workplace until next week, but I had this week off anyway according to my schedule, which means I get 5 weeks off, without using more than 4 of the paid weeks (20 days).

Worked 12 hrs yesterday, then I and 3 more of those I work with, went to a restaurant and had a pizza (A really great Pizza) and a beer (Well.. actually I got 2 glasses and 1 bottle of "strong" beer). Sort of winding down and celebrating the vacation. Was nice.
Now, on Saturday, there's the official "Summer party" to celebrate the vacation.

Right now, I'm really suffering. It's WARM!! and I hate that. As I wrote above, when it's cold, you can protect yourself. Wearing clothes, or stay inside. Have a fire or something. When it's hot, it's way harder. How much you undress, it's still warm. Now it's 28-29 C/83 F, both outside in the shadow as well as inside here.. Yuck!! It started last week and essentially have stayed around 80 - 85 since then. About 40 - 45 C/105 - 115 F in the sun. Almost no wind. No idea about how warm it was down at work, but Saturday I sat still on a chair, waiting for a thing, and even if I sat entirely still, I could feel how sweat broke out and started to run down my face and body. :(

I think I'll make it to the store, need to buy stuff, and hang out by the fridges :-p

Got a haircut friday. Think I need to put some colour in it. Starting to get some grey/white hairs mixed in, which my regular colour create a sort of ugly, spreckled colour witch are just dull. Maybe should do as Steve Martin and, instead of waiting for more to change, help nature on the way and start bleaching it. The girl that cut my hair, had a really wonderful dark colour. Kinda hard to describe. It was very dark, but not black. More of a warm black, brownish black, which I liked a lot, rather than a shiny or bluish black. Didn't thought about it as much when I was there, but almost turned around and walked back to ask her what colour she was using, because I think it would be a colour that would suit me. (If you photograph, it's about the same dark as you get with Emaks papers (warm tone), rather than the neutral black with Ilford papers, or the cold black you get with Kodak papers :-p. I've always preferred Emaks papers, since they have a really rich and deep black, but still give a warm feeling to it)

Tomorrow I'll do a photo expedition in the region of Northern Uppland/Upland. Especially the "Vallonbruken"., which is very lovely and beautiful enviroments.

Especially insterested in "Leufsta" (Lövstabruk), which I've travelled through a lot of times, but never stopped in, which sort of was the capital of the region once upon a time. The church have one of the most beautiful organs in the world (it's said). Found a travel log of University of Alabama Huntsville Jazz Esemble, which show the organ and some of the enviroment. Gives a general idea of how those Vallonbruk looks like (They tend to look generally the same). I guess you'll see lots of pictures here, or really in luka91_photo, later :)
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