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Chapter 1,297 - How I sat up way longer tonight than I thought

How many of you have the font: Papyrus on your computer??

As I promised before, I would post additional photos from Budapest in luka91_photo. Did that tonight. A lot of them are the same, but different versions of the images even if there's some new ones too.

And hopefully, in not too long, I'll post some more pictures there.

I know there's some new people interested in Photography on my Friends List, and if you've missed that, I mostly post my photos in my photo-LJ (Essentially all photos, except those that work as an illustration to a certain post etc), so some of you might want to add luka91_photo.

I like Papyrus a lot and probably is gonna use it more, at least in luka91_photo so you might want to download it here.

Tags: luka91_photo, photography

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