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Chapter 1,293 - How I go to the movies

Kung Fu Hustle

It's interesting to see how they market movies in different countries, especially Asian movies. The "US" trailer (Which is the one used in Scandinavia as well), use the same concept as the trailer for Jackie Chan's "Rush Hour 2" (Where they play the song "War" instead of "Ballroom Blitz"). In Asia they enhance the fact that Chow directed "Shaolin Soccer" (The most successful movie in Hong Kong ever, until "Kung Fu Hustle" surpassed it).

US Trailer (The comedy enhanced one)

International Trailer


German (A totally different trailer, based on the International Trailer.

Italy Trailer 2 (The Quentin Tarantino trailer) is one of the better of the trailers..

The interviewed someone at the Cannes Film Festival market about selling movies, and she said some interesting stuff about Japan being very much "fan" oriented, which make them do a lot of close-ups on faces etc in Japanese trailers, while USA is a lot more about action and comedy, so they usually pull together all the scenes with comedy or enhance stunts in the trailers. Then, as the Italian trailer show, they can also create a type-casting of the movie, as in making a connection to Quentin Tarantino, and it supposedly being a movie which Quentin Tarantino fans shouldn't miss, as well as showing "The Matrix" connections.

Now, it's understandable that they're not entirely sure how to market the film. I saw it yesterday, and.. well.. it's impossible to even start to describe it..

Take Jackie Chan and mix him with Buster Keaton. Then take a dose of "There's something about Mary", Roberto Rodriguez (more than Tarantino) and shape it like "Shrek", and you come close.

Essentially, it's a fairy tale satire of 70's - 80's Kung Fu films, done in slightly the same format as "Scream" and "Galaxy Quest" (As in working in an enviroment that's aware of itself.) It's a traditional Kung Fu movie, but along the way totally sends that up using dialouge such as..

-If he had studied he could have become a doctor or a lawyer
-Or a stuntman

But don't be afraid if you haven't seen a lot of 70's Kung Fu films. Even if you might be caught offguard of the send up, the movie is too smart to depend on that alone, and is full of "traditnal jokes" as well as references to a lot of movies that should be familiar to all, such as "The Shining" and "The Matrix" (Actually making those scenes better than they are in the original films, which will amaze you as well).

There's few instances which make you laugh out loud, even if there's moments like that, but it's essentially filled with small jokes from start to end, which will put a smile on your face and put you in a good mood, even if a lot of the jokes are so subtle it's a touch of hit'n'miss affair at times if you catch them or not.

It's a short film, that feels even shorter than it is, and you're in for something that both amuse you, amaze you and leave you thinking "What hit me??".
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